Jumpsuits are for Jumping

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Lululemon Floral Jumpsuit
Menswear Style Blog
Lululemon Floral Jumpsuit
Brixton Mens Tank Top
Brixton Hat, Prada Sunglasses
kelseybang.com- a his and her style blog
Palladium Boots Baggy Canvas
kelseybang.com- a his and her style blog

Hat: Brixton (on sale here!)
Floral Jumpsuit: Lululemon
Sports Bra: Lululemon
Sunglasses: Prada

Tank Top: Brixton
Jeans: All Saints
Sunglasses: Warby Parker

These are a few pictures from when we went to the Sand Dunes! I got this floral Lululemon jumpsuit last December when Jake and I went to Kansas City.  We stayed at a fun hotel right in the Plaza that was surround by some fun shopping!  I went into the Lululemon store and saw this jumpsuit hanging on the wall and knew it was a must!  I loved it right away!  Sadly the jumpsuit is no longer available, but I hope Lulu comes out with some more in the future!

Jake is wearing some of his favorite Palladium Boots from the spring 2015 line.  The light cream/tan color seems to go with everything!  Ever since we have been wearing more Palladium Boots we have found they are the perfect shoes to bring on trips!  They are great for exploring, walking long distances, and are very comfy!  If we ever get our shoes really dirty or sandy, I through them in the washer and let them air dry and they always look brand new!  We love our durable and dependable Palladium Boots for exploring and can't leave the house without them!

TinTic Historical Society
TinTic Historical Society

Oh a side note I shared this picture above in the mine cart on Instagram.  I briefly touched on the last time I was in this mine cart was the same day that Jake proposed to me!  I had a few requesting asking to hear the whole story so I thought I would post it on the blog!

Five years ago, on September 26th, Jake asked me on a early morning sunrise adventure.  He had mentioned to me to "wear something cute for exploring" so I knew something was up!  I didn't think he would propose yet though because I knew he didn't have the ring!  (I was wrong though :) Also my mom was in Europe with her gal pals, so I didn't think he would propose while she was out of the country.

Jake and I really love rocks and had been wanting to go rock hounding so I thought that is what we were doing.  On our drive down to the location we passed by Eureka.  When we saw this cute run-down town we instantly feel in love with the place.  It had so much charm and character that we had to pull over and explore!  We took tons of pictures exploring in the old buildings and around the city, including one of me in this mine cart!  When we were exploring Eureka I was so excited about this mine cart because I have always been obsessed with playing Donkey Kong and love any levels involving the mines!

After we explored Eureka, we got to the location where we were going to look for Topaz.  Jake had packed us lunches to eat.  He brought a cute blanket and packed our lunches in brown paper sacks.  He made us sandwiches with all my favorite ingredients on them, and by all ingredients.. they were all there.  Fresh turkey, sprouts, cucumber, jalapenos, etc.   He even found the little martinelli's Apple Juice in the apple shape containers for our drinks!  I thought that was so cute because I told him those were my favorite as a child.  Then he got gummy bears (the kind in the gold package) for us to eat while we were looking for gems.  

With Jake being so sweet and planning such a fun lunch I just thought something was up!  But as the day kept going on I kept thinking he was just being sweet like always because the day kept going on, and on, and no ring!

We explored all over Topaz Mountain looking for topaz and was filling our fanny packs with little gems.  By this time, I was getting a little sad we were looking for all these pretty gems and I was wanting a little gem on my finger :) haha So then I started getting crabby (I know, I am bad...) But... we were looking for gems for about 5 hours, and it just got me thinking...

After all our exploring we got back to Jake's truck.  He asked to see all the topaz I found. Then he said, do you want to see all the topaz I found and threw me his fanny pack.  I looked inside and saw a little penguin jewelry box inside his fanny pack.  I started crying because I knew what this penguin was (another story for ya on the penguin someday).

I opened the penguin jewelry box and nothing was in it!  I looked at Jake and said, hey that is not funny, I thought you were going to propose! And when I turned around, Jake was on one knee with a real jewelry box and asked me to marry him!  

And of course I said YES!  I was so excited!!  We then drove back to my place and the whole way drive home was calling all my family and telling them the news!

When we got back to my place there was a huge bouquet of flowers waiting for me and the sweetest love note from Jake.  It was a wonderful day to say the least :)

P.J. Salvage

Monday, May 25, 2015

Cherry Pajamas: P.J. Salvage
Shoes: Birkenstock

Sweater: Brixton
PJ bottoms: P.J. Salvage

Happy Memorial Day!

Jake and I are always on the look out for cute and cozy pajamas! When I am at home, I love to be cozy, but look decent incase the door bell rings! We recently discovered P.J. Salvage sleepwear and are so glad we did!  They really make sleepwear so much fun!  There are a lot of things I like about the company, but I have two favorite things!

First off is, P.J. Salvage pajamas are so cozy!  I got their Cherries Matching pajama set and Jake got some fun Old Fashion Car Print Bottoms.  Our PJ's came in the mail right before we left on our trip to the sand dunes!  We knew wearing them camping would be the ultimate pj test!  And they passed with flying colors!  The materials were so soft and helped us sleep warm and comfortable!

The second thing I love about P.J. Salvage is how much fun they have with the designs of their pajamas!  If you check out their website, you can see all the fun designs they have in sleepwear! Two of my favorites they have right now are the Bacon with some eggs and Ice Cream cones!  Every season they come out with darling prints and new sleepwear designs in all kinds of styles!  I can't wait to stock up on some more fun PJ Sets!

Thank you so much for stopping by today, hope you have a great day!

Heidi Braids and Floral Slacks

Thursday, May 21, 2015

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Asos Reclaimed Vintage Collar Tips
ASOS Super Skinny Smart Pants In Print Co-Ord Menswear
kelseybang.com- a his and her style blog
Neon Pink Kate Spade New York Hand Bag
ASOS Gem Motif Dress
ASOS Gem Motif Dress
kelseybang.com- a his and her style blog

Dress: Asos (obsessed with this Asos Dress!)
Lipstick: Mac-Rebel
Handbag: Kate Spade
Shoes: Seychelles

Shirt: Levis
Collar Tips: Asos
Floral Slacks: Asos
Sneakers: Vans

Jake has been looking for ways to spice up a shirt that is different than a tie or bowtie and recently came across these fun Collar Tips from Asos for only $16.  He thought it was a perfect and affordable way to mix up a shirt, and give it a new look to an outfit!  Asos had a fun selection of Collar Tips and even had some fun ones with chains on them!

I am wearing one of my favorite Kate Spade hand bags my in laws got me last Christmas.  I though it was such a sweet and thoughtful gift! And you know, I LOVE hot pink so I thought it was the perfect gift :)  My in-laws also got me these Seychelles heels two Christmases ago! I guess I can thank them for most of my outfit today!

One thing you may not know about me is I went to cosmetology school and even graduated!  I really enjoy doing hair but for some reason doing my hair has always been a struggle.  I am great a putting in extensions and straightening my hair but thats about it.  I am always so grateful for Jake in my life, but I love that he is always so willing to try new things even if its not his cup of tea.  I have been wanting to try some new styles with my hair and love that Jake has helped me with them!  We watched some YouTube videos together on doing braids and Jake tried the Heidi Braids on my hair.  I thought he did a great job :)

I always loved being single and independent, and never knew how much I would love being married to Jake.  He has taught me so much on supporting one another and feel so lucky to have him as a husband.  I never thought I would have a husband that loved to do so many of the things I love to do! Or one that is willing to try and braid my hair! hehe I guess that is what marriage is though, taking interests in one another and trying to love and support each other in all you do.

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you have a lovely day and weekend coming up :)