Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jake and I got to go up to California for a week to play with my family and go to a hair show. We were excited to fly on a plane together. Here are some pictures from our California Adventure.
Jake and my Nephew Bryce became the best of friends. They both love star wars and drew pictures of star wars characters all day every day. This is my favorite picture of the entire trip.
Bryce challenged all of us to a light saber war. It was intense, and he is a great fighter.
What great facial expressions.
This is a sign of a true Jedi battle.
We got to play at my sisters house alot, and played rock band. I never knew how fun, or hard it was.Amber and John are great at the game. They must be experienced.
This is buddy. He belongs to Bryce. He is such a talented dog. He can sit all day on his hind legs.
John is the best bbq-er of all time. His sirloin is grilled to perfection, and the zuccini is 100% scrumtrillescent.
After a day at Disney, we went to downtown disney and went to the rain forest cafe. This is tradition for Amber and I.
Bryce was a gem, and asked for 3 kids menus, so Jake and I could have ones to color on.
Jake asked me to say random words, and he wrote them down on this story. This is what it came out to read. "Exercise makes me MOODY. On sunny days, I love to LEAP and ride my MARTHA. I also like to TICKLE with my best friend BRYCE. On rainy days I enjoy HIKING in my RAIN FOREST CAFE. Sometimes JAKE comes over and we FISH together. When it's snack time, I like to eat PINAPPLES and sometimes PICKLE. When I KISS these foods, I feel MAGICAL. They give me energy so I can do my favorite things." This truly an inspiring and touching story for all.

Remember when Jake spilled his Coke all over him self?? Look at his facial expression, and Bryce's. Priceless.Ooooooooooopppppps.
Jake and I toke a walk to the beach. A lady was running and thought we were so cute sitting on the bench, she asked if we had a camera so she could take a picture for us. I thought that was so sweet. I really like nice people like that, even if they are busy will take the time to stop for the little moments for someone else.
BJ's Brewery is one of my favorite restaurants. The ddeeeeeep dish pizza there is fabulous, and don't even get me started on the pazzoki. The best ones around. You can tell that from the picture above, all the evidence is gone.
I bought a Yoda backpack and he became my child. I would strap him into the back seat of the car in a seat belt. Jake would always try and "capture" a photo, but I would run away, so instead I ran and put Yoda in Jake's seat belt to make sure he would be safe.
Bryce made a cool game, and him and Jake played it for a bit.
I love how Amber is always down to make crafts. She is so creative and willing to do any kind of craft! Her and I got to make some fun fabric flowers.
Jake caught a picture. At least Yoda was safe though for the ride home.
Jake's friend Jeff wanted some sad from the beach. Our last day in California happened to be super rainy, but we knew we must collect some sand for Jeff. We toke the beach umbrella to keep us sheltered from the rain and collected some sand.
Wet sand in a plastic hefty bag.
Jake playing in the water. He said it wasn't that cold. I don't know if I believe him.
Wet sandy, seaweed feet.Saw some dandelions on the side of the road, so we pulled over and made a wish.I have the greatest mother of all time! Who also happens to be the best cook! She made Jake and I an awesome breakfast!Quite a smerk look. Such a great meal.At the grocery store, we found these friends. They were a must have. I snuggle now with them everyday, and always take mr unicorn "starlite" everywhere with me. California was a blast! It was so fun playing with family, going to the swapmeet, going out to dinner lots with mom and dad, eating every five minutes yummy food, going to Disneyland lots, hot tubing, watching tv all day on a rainy day, watching lots of LOST, making crafts, playing games, Cloudy without a chance of Meatballs, rockband, sitting and talking, walks to the beach, BOM reading,bbq, starwars, and so much more! I have the greatest family ever!

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