Valentines is beginning

Friday, February 12, 2010

Even though hairschool is a bit ruff for me, the parties make it worth it! Today we had a valentines day party! We ate salads, cheese that tastes like macaroni, and awesome homemade bread sticks made from teacher Jilain. Then we frosted big heart sugar cookies, and the best part, ate them! I guess you could say with my great frosting skills I should go apply at a bakery. This afternoon I felt sick so hairschool was put on the back burner and a new outfit needed to be found. Wahoo! Then I came home and Jake came over and we watched the nickaloden movie "goodburger." Yes, a true classic. It made us hungry for burgers so we went to "fiveguys." It was delectable, huge with dos patties, and good spicy fries and sauce. As we leaned from "goodburger," its all about the sauce. Mr. Kangaroo came and kept us company as well. Then we decided since we were super full we needed candy! Macys grocery store by far has the best kind of candy selection around here! They even have chocolate covered cinnamon bears and starburst jellybeans. Then jake and I went back to my place and we watched "peewee hermans greatest adventure" and started to make paper mashae(however you spell) piggy banks! We have been wanting to make these for over two months now! I am so happy we finally got to start these! We used one to one ratios of Elmers glue and water for paste and it worked great! For the piggy we used balloons and toilet paper roll insides for the snout and legs. We then hung the piggies by the end of the balloon on a string on the fan so they could hang to dry. I am so excited to finish them! What a great day!

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