Happy single awareness day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

As my roomate said to me today, "happy single awareness day! -staceypants" I was laughing so hard! She is the funniest girl ever! Well what a wonderful day! Sabbath day festivities have been awesome! I loved how sacrament meeting focused on love for the Savior and how we can grow a stronger love for Him. I love when people share their testimonies on Christ. I thought it was fantastic. Then staceypants gave the relief society lesson. It was on agency. I love that we are studying gospel essentials. I can always use those fundamental lessons we learn. It has been great. Then stacey and I went to temple prep class. It was great. I love Sundays! Jake made me dinner of chicken alfredo and it was so yummy. He even made me a cute valentines card. Then we watched some tv show episodes and a funny comedian. Then I came home and my roommate Emily had cute cupcakes and candy waiting on the kitchen table, so of course, ate lots! Then Stacey and I tried to see how high we could raise our eyebrows and discovered we have zero control over those kinds of things in life. Stacey and I are now going to terrorize the streets of the town. We only talk in man voice and rap as we drop off valentines on peoples doors. Then we ate more candy and pizza. College life if is really healthy. The turtles have been a blast! Every morning when I wake up they are so entertaining. This morning the 3 baby turtles were sitting on top of Mr. T. By the time I took the picture most of them jumped off the pirate dock and so I only got a picture of Herbie and Alfredo. I love baby turtles! Today I am grateful for baby turtles, great weather, Sunday treats, and warm winter coats.

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  1. I'm so glad to have a sister to blog with!! I have felt deprived but your fantastic posts are making up for it! You make me laugh Kelsey!! I wanted to comment on every post but thought that might look a little stalkerish- so I'll just make this really long..... Your valentine's weekend was amazing- Gerber daisies, melting pot, paper mache' pigs, turtles, and so much more- jake really went the extra mile for you :) I was cracking up about the manican heads and "staceypants"- oh and I loved that you and jake coordinated your date night outfits. I also loved that you talked about food in every post- you must be my sister :) I will be stalking your blog daily now....