Its snowing! Its snowing! Its SNOWING!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Woke up this morning at ten and stacey and I got ready to go snowboarding. We went to are all time favorite "great harvest" to start the day off right and get energized with pumpkin and chocolate for the mountain. We found a trick though that if you buy something then you don't have to pay for a slice of bread, so its cheaper to get a treat than buy to slices of bread. So, they had snickerdoole cookies today, which they have never had so we got one. It was super soft and chewy which was perfect, but it had sugar crystals on top, so that was not my favorite. But it was an ok cookie. "Paradise bakery" and "sweet cakes" in Arizona I would say have awesome sugar cookies. Snowboarding was awesome today! It has been way to long since I have been. I need to stop being a snowbum slacker and not going. Stacey has gotten so amazing! I feel her riding is flowing absolutely amazing! She a blast to ride with! Fridays are our date night on the mountain together. Its the greatest! Then went to a yoga store to pick up some things for stacey and came home. I really want to start doing yoga. Its sounds so amazing! And peaceful. At the rock gym and the regular gym I go to they have classes. I need to go to them. Then stacey and I went to club "walmart" to get our friend joesph a snuggie for his birthday tomorrow. We are screen printing a picture with all of us on it doing the "live long and prosper" sign. A favorite greeting of all of us. The snuggie is hot pink. I think he will love it. We are going to kidnap him at midnight and take him to "krispy kreme donuts" because stacey and I always dumpster dive in that dumpster and drop of donuts to Joesphs front door. Since its his birthday, I guess he deserves fresh donuts? Stacey and I went to "jamba juice." I got the berry fufilling with granola on top, truly the yummiest combo possible. Well, Joesph ended up not being home and was on a date so we dumpster dived and got bags of donuts and put them on his front door. Then we all went to walmart again to look for plastic eyes for Jake and my piggy banks and the game "jenga."
Next we went to "farrs" icecream to give it another shot. Jake and decided we still like "yozone" better despite everyones obsession with "farrs." At walmart, we saw this awesome Chia pet! I wanted to get it, but then I remember hearing about this super cool one that is President Obama, and his hair grows. I need to look online for that prize possession. Today I am grateful for beautiful snowy days, and warm jackets!

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