Decapitated Heads

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

At hairschool a bunch of old manican heads were going to be thrown away. Lucky my teachers knew I would love them and asked if I would like them, my answer was YES!!! These decapitated heads have been a major source of joy for my roommate Stacey. They come to dinner with us, out on adventures, hidden in sweet places and much more. At least every week since we got them, back in October, Stacey and I have a date with the manican heads to go out and do something fun! For some weird reason, her and I are quite found of these heads. Its so great to have such a good friend that has the same kind of humor as me. I am so grateful for wonderful people that always brighten your day and make it better! I always get excited to hide manicans in staceys belongings or room, or find one somewhere in my room.

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