Memorial day

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Holidays are great! Memorial day, what I think is known as every Monday off school, is also called Presidents day in this case. I need to learn more about America. Stacey and I woke up to go snowboarding, but we were to lazy to go so we watched "tarzan" and "princess diaries" and then ate at Carrabbas. The bread and herbs are fantastic there! Soooo yummy! The soups are great to! Perfect for a rainy day, which it was! Then we went to the "great harvest" and got our all time favorite, pumpkin chocolate chip bread! Its so moist, and anything with chocolate in it is most likely yummy. Then made some fabric flowers. Jake let's me model flowers on his hair to see how they look. The we played donkey kong on nintendo. I never realized playing that game as a child how high stress it is. All the random jumps and animal blocks can really make one anxious. It was still really fun though. Next we read some books. We were reading one called "what's your poo telling you." It is quite a humorous book, full of loads of facts. When I got to go home 2 weeks ago, I saw my mom got one of the books and loves reading it. A fun, comical book for all ages and breeds. Then ate j-dawgs. The best hot dog stand in the world. If anyone ever comes into town, the first place I would take them if the liked hot dogs is to j-dawgs. Magical is the only word to describe it.

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  1. I'm cracking up- jake is the best bow model. and clearly he is enjoying it. and yes, I would definitely agree donkey kong high stress! What were we thinking??