Jakes Birthday

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today started bright and early! Woke up at five and made cupcakes for Jakes birthday! I put 30 candles in one baby cupcake. I was so excited they all fit in one! Then went to Jakes to wake him up and sing happy birthday. Since all the candles were on one cupcake it was like a ball of fire to blow out. I am sure Jake probably thought his room was in fire being so abruptly woken up. Then some of my friends were waiting since four in the morning, while it snowed outside, waiting for the new "rubios" to open. They were handing out a years freeness of rubios for the first 50 customers. But for some reason they came out around nine, and said that they were not doing the promotion anymore. That was a bit upsetting. I was excited to eat fish tacos everyday! There was a lady that was about seventy or so and there was some serious feary in her eyes. I would probably be that way to. I went home and ate cupcakes instead. It was a joyous morning. Nicole and I have been in a competition to see who can go the longest without washing their hair. I broke down and showered today. I don't know why I dislike showers, but I do. I think maybe conserving water is the issue? Ok, not really. Hair school is good. Went to a high school for a career fair, and then we ate at a fun cafe called "model a cafe." Its a cute little joint full of home cooking. Philly cheese steak and fries is what I got to eat. Yum. The ice in the glasses was the best as well because it was the little ice crushed like at sonic. The waiter said one of the most sold sandwiches here was the "hot beef." Ok, my sandwich was not so good. I was disappointed. Maybe because the smell of A1 sauce makes me a bit woezy. I bet if I liked sauce I would like it? Went back to hair school, did cutting class, talked to my sister Cameron and dad, then went to Jakes! I picked him up to take him on a date for his birthday. We ate at his favorite "macaroni grill." He loves the bread there and always orders the "penne rustica" with wheat noodles. I tasted it and it was yummy with the shrimp. I got the "mama trio" which consisted of lasagna chicken and a ravioli type thing. It was great. The lasagna was different tasting than my moms, but it was still good cause it had lots of meat in it. We had a blast writing on the table and playing the dot game. I probably should of let Jake win because it was his birthday. Then we left and Jake was locked out of the car so I told him his only way in was to climb threw the window. That was funny. We both were laughing so hard. Then got amazing dark chocolate caramels at "rocky road mountain factory." Jake didn't love it because its a bit more of a hard caramel, but I love them. Next we went bowling at "fat cats." A girl that worked there had the same name as me! I think being on a bowling league last semester helped my game. After that we went to the amazing dollar theaters to see team Jacob, also know around the nation as "new moon." Stacey sang Jake happy birthday in beast voice and brought him candy for his birthday. I think beast voice singing was defiantly a highlight of the day. Today I am grateful for Jake.(its his birthday!)


  1. Thanks so much for making his birthday special!

  2. Sue your so sweet! I am so lucky to have Jake in my life! Thanks for raising such a great son!

  3. I don't know what to comment on- the 30 candles in one cupcake? the amazing stick figure picture on the macaroni grill table that you even included jake's beard? that Keith's favorite restaurant is macaroni grill too and he always gets the mama's trio? that I don't like the lasagna on it either because it doesn't taste like moms? that you spelled your own sister's name wrong? that Jake actually let you stop him mid-carmel eating to take a picture? or maybe instead I should say HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!! I'm glad you are in my sister's life!