Tender Mercies

Monday, February 22, 2010

I love, love, love Sundays! This morning I woke up to my phone ringing, and it was Jake and he told me I should come down stairs to my apartment to let him in. He had brought stuff to make my favorite breakfast! He made me choclate chip pancakes! It was such a fun Sunday morning breakfast. Then Jake went to his ward and I started working on a project for one of my classes. I looked outside and it was a beautiful snowy morning! The snow shall be so good snowboarding tomorrow! At the beginging of fall Semester President Thomas S. Monson came and spoke to us on campus. He talked about his gratitude of everyone of the prophets that had previous served in the church. He told a cute story of how he gained his testimony of each of them, what he remembers them eating in the church head quarters, their favorite hymn, and how they each helped significantly, and so differently for each to contribute to the church. I loved the talk because it hit right on to how I was feeling and how my mind set has been on the importance of legacies. It also made me really want to study more about each of the prophets of the church to learn from their examples and teachings. The talk was so fantastic and I couldn't figure out how to attach a link, so for future reference in case anyone or myself wants to look at this talk, go to http://speeches.byu.edu The talk is from Thomas S. Monson given Sept. 15, 2009, and the talk is titled "Principles from Prophets" and was a BYU devotional. This talk really inspired me and has been on my mind, so when I heard for one of my classes the requirements for what we had to do for a final project for our class, I knew I wanted to study about all the prophets, and make a book about them on Shutterfly. This morning I started to do a bit of research on the biographies of some of the phrophets lives and downloading pictures of them for hte book. When I was doing some things on President Hickley, I could not help but cry. I miss him. He truely was such an amazing man, and left a great legacy to follow. I feel like all day tender mercy after another keep heading my way. In church, all of my favorite hymns were sung today. "I know that my Reedemer Lives", "How Great Though Art" "Jesus once of Humble Birth." I was really overwhelmed with such great feelings of love for our Savior Jesus Christ. I am so greatful for music and the influence it can have. Its neat how music can really speak to us in a completely different way than words. During church I saw Jake when he got done with church, and mine was switching meetings. We both had written notes for each other without knowing each other wrote one for each other. We exchanged them. It was fun. I have the sweetest boyfriend. Later we ate left over Indian yummy food and talked to Jake's parents on scype. That was great! Went to a fireside tonightt by a pianist man named David Hatch. He was a neat character. Listening to piano made me really want to get back into playing violin again. Its been to long since I have played it regularly. Playing an instrument can be so calming and relieving at times. I love how the gospel just makes sense. It just proves to me over and over how true it is. For refreshments after the fireside there was a ton of fruit, cookies and meatballs! It was great! Then went to ward prayer and had more candy! Yes, I feel like even if food was not a big part of my life, it is always around me and in my face its not possible not to be. Sadly. haha. Since Joesph was not home on his birthday when Stacey and I were able to go over, we went and brought him his pink snuggie over. He loved it, and is so excited for the picture to get printed on it asap! We sang happy birthday to him in man voice, and sang him a hannucah song. He put the snuggie on right away and talked to us in for at least 30 minutes. Today was absoultley fantastic! I love life! Today I am grateful the little subtle blessings that come our way, and lots of yummy candy to eat on Sundays. Also, Hayley I am so happy you love that I love to blog now. Its so fun for me to know you know whats going on in life and having you be more of a part of it! I have the greatest family of all time!


  1. they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but in this case, it would be the way to YOUR heart :) That jake- what a heart-throb. I agree, Sundays are the best- esp. in college. My kids are a little distracting these days and Sunday's aren't as powerpacked as they used to be- I need to work on that. Aub is here with me and she sends you "MAJOR XOXOXOXOXX" I'm going to force her to read every word you wrote when she finishes her stuff she is working on so we can laugh together how great our little sis is. Oh, and I'm honored my name made your post :) luv you kels!

  2. ahhh! i love you and jake! i completely agree with hayley-Sunday's are the best-nothing beats having a great sacrament meeting, being able to reflect on the Savior then remember Him throughout the day and week! :) what a great example you are of setting great habits! love you kelsey!!! :D you are the greatest!