Sunday, February 21, 2010

Well, my blog has been becoming my new source of journal writing. I usually write in my journal each night, but instead have been blogging. Its kind of fun to do this though because you have the option of putting pictures with your writing as well. neat! This morning I had to take a test for college. It was great being able to take it online at home, because I was able to have lots of furry friends help support me while I toke the test. After taking my test, went rock climbing with MJ. Ahhh how I love rock climbing. Today while climbing I felt on top of the world. I feel rock climbing is a great hobbie for any age, any skill level. Jake decided today he is going to get a pass to the rock gym! I am so happy about that because that means I can start going more and he can join! And we can also start attending Yoga classes together. Wahoo! This is fantastic news! Then I got to go to the temple. My roommate Stacey was going, so I got to go join her as well! While waiting, I was reading the Book of Mormon, in 3Nephi 18:15. It reads, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, ye must watch and pray always, lest ye be tempetd by the devil, and ye be led away captive by him." I thought this was a great reminder that the little things count in life, and it will help us stay on track. After the temple, Jake and I drove to meet up with his brother, wife, and baby at the "Bombay House, Indian Cuisine" for a birthday dinner for Jake. Jake had brought a treat for the drive, of an amazing creation called a Pecan Roll. Jake's parents make them every Christmas holiday and it had the chewiest, softest caramel, neugut and pecans. YUM! Jake's parents have a super cute tradition for the kids that are out of the house, to send them gift cards to a restaurant of their choice for a birthday dinner on them since they cant physically be there. I thought that was a great idea! and I got to join, so thank you Sue for a fantastic dinner! This was my second time having Indian food, but it was fantastic! I loved it! We got mango and rose petal tasting drinks, yummy rice and sauce meals, and pigged out. The best part about it is, there is left overs for dinner tomorrow to! It was fun to play with some of Jake's family as well! I love playing with other peoples families. Jake had a fever by the time we got back home so he went home and went to bed. So, I had some time to catch up on some laundry and make some crafts. I worked on finishing up some fabric flowers and putting them on clips and head bands. Today I am grateful for great examples in my life, and how those people make you want to suceed and do better in life. Quote of the day "I love making up nicknames for people, especially myself- Staceypants)

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  1. Well, you really meant business when you said you were obsessed with blogging- i thought it had only been a couple days but I'm already 4 posts behind. Your flower clips are so stinkin cute and it looks like you took your build-a-little-mermaid-dinasour back to school with you which would explain Mallory's disappointment when she went searching in your room last visit and couldn't find it :) Good job for going to the temple too- I wish we could have gone together. and I also decided that your's and jake's styles are just perfect for eachother. love you!