Wild Wednesday

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A great day today! Got to sleep in, go to hairschool and college. Jakes a jem and came to class and a review study with me so he could help me study. That helps out so much. Then went to a new yogurt shop called "spoon it up." I don't think I tried the right flavor so ill have to go back again and give it a whirl, but they did have baby chocolate chips and nectarines pieces to put as toppings so that was a plus. Then got the delicious subway buffalo chicken sandwich. Sooo yummy! Its great with jalepenos and banana peppers! Yummy! Then studied a bit for class and watched princess diaries. Stacey and I have become really good at pranks lately. Only nice ones though......her and I have way to much fun! College life is the best. Stacey taught jake and I how to skin a buffalo. She said sometimes their skin is so soft you can rub your hand down their fur and the skin will come right off, and because the friction from your hand to the meat, warms it up, so all you have to do is pour buffalo sauce on it and you have buffalo wings! She said the buffalo will still stay alive if you skin them this way, unless you pet them to much. You pet the buffalo to death. Stacey is such a great educator. She unravels so many of lifes mysteries to me, like where buffalo wings come from.

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  1. oh that staceypants- what would your college experience be without her?? :)