Club Coldstone

Sunday, March 21, 2010

To day d stands for death. Last night, Jen,Stacey and Joesph and I ran around a duck pond chasing ducks. Then we saw a freshly dead one ran over by a car. That car thankfully was not us. This morning got to sleep in which was amazing! Yes! Then ate left over olive garden, and took jen to a work convention up at aspen grove! Fun! They were snow shoeing! Made me want to go! But I went snowboarding and met up with some old friends from idaho. Oh how I miss miss miss so much snowboarding. Spring riding is so fun! I must go again asap!!!! Well on the drive up to the mountain I saw a dead skunk that really really had quite a strong odor reaking for miles. Then I saw a dead horse! Yes, a dead horse! That's intense! I was shocked at all the death I saw today. I am grateful for life. Then Jake and I went to the always delectable Bajio's. We got a green chille chicken casadilla with Mexican beans and rice. Ohhhh so good! One of my favorite fast food meals. Then we watched the show "my name is liz" because we needed to see if I really looked like her or not. Then we watched some "arrested development." I love nice relaxing days. Maybe next time I should do some home work. Then of course to top off the night, Jake, his roommates Chris and Nate, Jen and I all went to Club Coldstone. This is a bad obsession I need to start not suggesting to do. Its just so good and every time I think about it, I think of the pictures of how yummy it is and then I have to go. Then Stacey needed some grocery's. Of course, I had to look at the toys. I am addicted to toys, movies, and food. This is time to stop. But my pet zhu zhu Stewart needed a friend to play with. Her name is Nutmeg. You can call her meg for short. Jen named her. She's such a good friend. One thing I love about Jen is she likes buying random things at the grocery to. Jens cart included: nectarines, raspberries, cadburry eggs, Pillsbury garlic croissants, and pistachio nuts. By the time we got home most all her things were eaten and croissants in the over. They made the best smell in the apartment. We were all so tired we fell asleep in the kitchen. Today I am grateful for microwaves, stoves, cozy beds to sleep in, new hamster friends and the best family ever!


  1. I am jealous of this fool being spoon fed by Jen. I hope he appreciates her. That is all.

  2. You fell asleep texting on the kitchen floor?...typical of your generation :) and your lashes sure look lovely!