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Friday, March 19, 2010

Today at hairschool I was doing someone's eyelashes so I was distracted on what was going on. I looked over and a man that was at least 80 plus years had a perm in his hair, a dress on and getting his makeup done. I didn't even know where to begin. As the day went on a found out that him and his friends had a bet on a football game and he lost. The loser had to come to a girls hairschool and wear a transvestite outfit, get nails painted, hair permed and outrageous makeup. That's hilarious. His tights were the best part. Well went home, got to do some laundry, and online shopping! Wahoo! I ordered some new shoes for barefoot running, which is a shoe that is pretty much a glove for the foot so I can run on assault but feel barefooted and protected. I used to barefoot run a bit and have not since the snow has been falling. Time to get back into gear. Got some new hiking shoes and Birkenstocks. Oh life is good! I lovvvvvve spring time and great weather! Jake and I were looking at water bottles online and I didn't know he got me one I loved and it came in the mail yesterday! Wahoo! Its been christmas! Yes! Then Jen came into town again! Jake and I got to pick her up from the airport and after we went to coldstone! Ohhhhh yum! I would say for ice cream, not yogurt, but ice cream, cold stone is one of the yummiest places to go! Then Jen, Stacey and I all played and talked. So great to catch up on lives. So remember a couple of weeks ago when Jen was in town and we looked and searched all over to get friendship rings and no where to be found?! Well Jen brought Stacey and I a little surprise and got us all friendships rings! They are so neat! Jen met a neat jeweler in San Fransisco and he made us all rings out of quarters from our birth year. They are rad! I am never taking this ring off! Friends forever! Jen and I fell asleep watching a video of all our pictures from when we went to Europe together last summer. What a great life. Now it is Friday. Jake and I watched an episode of the show "Community." It is hysterical. I really enjoy it. Its a show where the characters really need to grow on you though. Its fantastic. Tonight we went to a fundraiser for a group Jen is really involved in called Sowers of Hope. Its a group that has helped create a school that that is self sustaining in the Congo. When Jen went there last year she told me of many of her experiences. It sounded amazing. Now the school has grown so large, they are trying to build a new school on their own property they purchased. Then after the fundraiser they had a little fashion show. It actually was fantastic. There was some I didn't really care for, but the people did great. My favorite ones were a boy who designed clothes all out of trash. It was beautiful. It made me really want to make trash clothes. Really. Then we were all starving and needed to eat some substance. We went to the Olive Garden. There was so much food we didn't know what to do with ourselves. Jen brought up a great comment while we sat at the Garden. She said she felt like the room we were put in was like a retirement home, especially because we were on rolling chairs. I concur with her. So we had a race on the rolling chairs down the large isles. It was fun. Next, we picked up Joesph and ran around and did some pranks. Jen is the most daring friend I have ever had. She is so funny. Well that wraps up a great evening. Today I am grateful for pizza smell, black glue, banks and Jen and Stacey.

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  1. that is hysterical about the rolling olive garden chairs! Those chairs have to be the same ones since the 80's!