Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I have never been one to dress up for holidays but today I decided to wear alllllll green. Green, green, green. Fun! This morning, wrote a paper on a religious service Jake and I watched on National Geographic about Muslims going to Hajj. It was really neat. It really made me want to go to Jerusalem and walk and do all the church sites there. Then went to college tonight and Jake and I picked up yummy "Wingers sticky fingers to eat! Oh so good, and I even got to keep the left over wings and fat fries for lunch tomorrow! yahoo! Then we watched "The Princess and the Frog." You know, green frogs to be festive for St. Patrick's. This past weekend was a busy and tiring, but great one. Jake got hernia surgery, but all went well, he slept a lot, and is healing great. He is always super sweet, but I was surprised how he was even sweeter. Maybe it was the drugs? Ha ha just kidding, but he's wonderful. And great news, he still has a belly button. You would not guess from these pictures at all that Jake even got surgery, seeing such a large smile on his face. He is a trooper. I knew I wouldnt always be able to be with him every moment to take care of him, so I got him some beanie friends to keep him company and take care of him. It toke forever to find piggies, but finally some were found. Jake and I random inside jokes about pigs, so I knew he needed some to play with. When he opened the piggies, I put the ribbon on his head. I would have to say this is my favorite picture of him. He looks super cute, even if he is a little bit out of it, and just got out of surgery. Super cute. I was really impressed with the kindness of all the workers at the hospital. We made a new friend that happens to be quite the scuba diver and once a month goes on group scuba diving adventures. He gave us all his information so we can go to some scuba parties. I am hopefully becoming scuba certified next fall, or maybe even this summer, and then we can join our new friend Josh. We had a cute nurse named Becky that was truly caring and super sweet. I was really impressed with the care, happiness, and friendship that all the workers provided for us. And lets not forget the cutest lady of all time at the gift shop! She loved that I bought 5 little piggies, so she wrapped each one individually and so nicely packaged for Jake to open. What a great lady. She was so happy, and positive. I could not do anything but smile after having spent five minutes with her. That has become a goal of mine, to make sure I leave places with providing smiles for all. Friday was surgery, sat sleep, Sunday sabbath, Monday FHE. Dylan, my co chair and I were in charge of FHE. We combined with another singles ward and went to Solider Hollow and went tubing. Its awesome there because a tow rope takes you up the hill so you don't have to walk and can tube all day! It was a really a great activity! The other wards bishop made pulled pork sandwiches to that were really tasty. So some of the greatest news ever, GIRLSCOUT COOKIES ARE IN TOWN! Oh yes! But it could also be a negative. I went to the wonderful J-Dogs for lunch on Friday, and then saw some girl scouts on the side of the road so I had to pull over and get some. I discovered the Samoas, and then the Thin Mints are defiantly my favorite. Thin Mints in the freezer are also wonderful *(thanks Christopherson!) Great news, I have less that 400 hours left of hair school left! I have really enjoyed attending hair school lately, as I have been able to do eyelash extensions there. Truly a miracle to help me stay and graduate. I was packing my lunch and opened up the box of strawberries, and wow they were all so huge! Almost the size of my palm, I had to take a picture! I was reading in the Gospel Principles manual that they use for the Relief Society and Priesthood lessons and it is fantastic. I love the pictures in it. I started reading the lesson that is going to be in my ward this week on prayer. I really liked this paragraph on why we pray. I saw the coolest invention, and is something that has needed to be invented! An automatic toilet paper machine! Genius! Keep it clean and germ free with automatic! I think it would be really neat to invent something, and share it with others. Maybe someday.....So I have this fake hamster named Stewart and scared me today. On accident I set a book on top of him and he ran away and jumped on to my bed. Pretty life like I would say, except for the cute human sounds he makes, and wheeled legs instead of four moving ones. He is a great friend to be around. On Friday it was my Grandpas birthday. He turned 91. I got the sweetest email about him from my Aunt Lee, and reading about things I knew but really have not thought a ton about that he has done in his life is absolutely amazing. He is 91 and still attends the temple every month with my grandma, even though it is two hours away from their home. He still takes my grandma out on Friday date night, and leaves her notes around the house. I think that is so sweet that he loves Grandma as much as he alwyas has, and even more, and contiunes to show her by his actions. He still goes out with the missionaries on splits, exercises daily, eats healthy and does not eat after six. What an amazing example. I am so grateful for wonderful examples in my life to follow and learn from. If I were my grandpa, I would be really happy at the Christ-like life I had lived, that I loved my wife and treated her well, loved all those around me, and left a great legacy to follow. I am sure he does not look at his life at all this way, but I truly think he is the greatest. What an amazing 91 years. On Sunday, my sweet grandma, had a stroke. :( She is just great now though, and doing just as wonderful as she was before. It made me stop and think though, how precious life is, and how important it is to tell all those around us, and in our lives how much we love and appreciate all they do for us. I remember one time I went to visit my grandparents by my self when I was twelve and it was the best. I remember that my grandparents walked the mall every morning and there was a music box shop that they would always pass. There was a really cool Noah's ark box that was also a miniature water fall that my grandma wanted. She had always wanted to get it, but knew I was coming to town and knew I would love it so she bought it for me. I treasure it to this day. I would say that is true love. Grandma let me play her organ, and let me see and have some of her awesome coin collection to add to mine. Grandpa and I put coins on the train tracks, rode the tracker and chopped lots of wood. I even got to paint the fake ducks with him. Oh such great times. I loved being able to spend time with them, talk to them all day, and be with them. This summer they are coming to visit my family for their 70th wedding anniversary. I cant wait! The weather outside is become more fantastic everyday! Even though daylight savings was hard because it was now that we wake up an hour earlier than normal, the sun is out later in to the evening! Wahoo! Today all I wanted to do was go for a jog or a hike. The sun was shinning and no cold chill in the air. Oh spring is almost here! That is great news! I am so excited to start barefoot running conditioning again. Life is the greatest! Live it to the fullest everyday! :) Favorite CD and artist for the day is Broken Bells self titled album, Broken Bells.

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  1. Jake had surgery???! and smiled through the whole thing! I can't believe the pictures you put him up to kels! he really is a trooper. and five beanie baby piggies all wrapped up individually- that is great! I too have some fantastic memories with G & G- the best grandparents EVER- nothing can ever compare to walking the mall, riding in the tractor, pennies on the train tracks and old movies! I liked the noah's ark music box story- I always wondered where that came from- I never knew :)