Here comes the Easter Bunny!

Monday, March 29, 2010

This morning I woke up and didn't know where I was. I forgot that last night I pushed my bed to a new location. But I am loving my new room setup. It feels more homey. Also, I love holidays! One thing I miss from living at home is all the decorations! My mom is the greatest at decorating and always makes each holiday special. Today at hairschool was awesome! First off all, what day wouldn't be awesome not wearing a poncho!? At school we had our Easter party! To prepare, a couple girls and I on the party committee got to fill easter eggs with candy, and run some errands at the store to pick up some food items! I love being able to do some errands for hairschool! Yes! Then we decorated hard boiled eggs for an egg decorating contest! It was fun! I don't remember the last time I have dyed eggs. I wrote my last name on my egg and put glitter all over it. I don't think it would be very sanitary to eat it anymore. It could be a glitter fiesta. Everyone is really getting into this egg thing. It shall be an intense competition. Tonight Stacey is teaching me some yoga. She is almost all done with her yoga teaching certification. I am so exited to do yoga on my new cute matt and learn from Staceypants. I know she is going to make the best instructor ever! I am happy, my egg won 4th place. I won a candle. I sent Stacey a picture of the prize egg. We decided Sunday in between conference sessions we will decorate eggs. Then at hairschool we watched "Meet the Morgans." I wasn't sure if we had the hairschool party or not today, but we did, so Jake was great and brought me a blanket and pillow so I could take a nap at hairschool. Then we ate sandwiches for lunch. Hairschool is always great when we can have holiday parties. Breanna and Julie wanted to end the activities by throwing their eggs at the wall. I saved mine and gave it to Jake. For night festivities, stacey and I got to do yoga. oh she is the greatest! She is going to be the best yoga master of all time! She really helped me be at peace and ponder much. Also I did some stretches I never knew I could do. Stacey is the best ever! After, Jake and I fed the turtles and packed our lunches for the next day.

Ah yes!!! Today I got to do my first perm on a real head! I always roll perms on my doll head but no one gets perms these days so its always on dollheads. I love the smell of perms! The girl that got it done today was a cute Asian girl about twenty one, with hair passed her rear. She looked so great and rocked that curly hair. It made me want to get a perm. Then we had a lot of events and classes today, then got to do some more eyelashes. Today when I got home from hair-school I had a package from my mom! Thanks mom! Easter is the greatest! She sent me a cool smile watch! She also got me the movie " The Blind Side." I have heard great things about that movie! I am excited to watch it. Oh how I love movies. Also today I was bad, I bought "Alice in Wonderland" and "Rocketman." Got to build up those disney movie rewards right? Well, I guess its ok because Jake and I watched Alice in Wonderland this evening. I dont think I have actually ever seen this movie. I liked it. The turtle cage really needs a cleaning. Someday little turtles....some day...So I forgot to mention two very important things that happened last weekend. Saturday was the last selling day for girl-scout cookies. That is good and bad news, but as Jake and I went grocery shopping and saw the cookies, of course we had to buy some! And last but not least, I passed the mark of becoming a woman. I found a gray hair Today in my head. Its ok though, theres hair-dye. I actually like gray hair though. More of a full head of gray though....Today I am grateful for cookies, hand splints, warm socks, fun music and cozy place to sleep at night.

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  1. I believe I got my first gray hair at the young age of 22 as well (or are you 21?) I should know this.... Mom's decorations really do make the holidays complete- she is so sweet to send you a package! I won't lie- I got one too w/ stuff for the kids :) oh, and your egg was pretty impressive- I'm not surprised it won you a sweet candle- way to go! I will be thinking about you this weekend while I watch conference and decorate my eggs!