Mongoose Monday

Monday, March 1, 2010

Life is the greatest having two boyfriends. Ha ha staceypants brought me home "great harvest" pumpkin chocolate chip bread, and Jake came and visited me at hairschool and brought me chocolate covered cinnamon bears. I feel I am truly living the life!
Went to hairschool today all day it felt like. I got to do a set of eyelash extensions and am doing some tomorrow morning! I am so excited! I love love love doing eyelashes. If I could do them all day long I would be a happy camper!
I now have 1530 hours done of hairschool and 470 more to go. I am pretending I am magically going to complete hairschool next week. Only in dreams Kelsey. Sometimes I wish there was more time in a day so rockclimbing, yoga, running, biking, crafts, school and play time would fit into it all. Someday! I think I popped my shoulder out of place today, and decided I must do daily updates on the blog rather than weekly, or else I am way to behind and can not remember details. Then tonight went grocery shopping! It was more than time to get this so I can make food to eat! Wahoo....then came home and made meals for the next day, said hi to Jake.
When I came home, Stacey was doing yoga in the living room with her friend Billy. Stacey is becoming a certified yoga trainer. Go stacey! yea!!!
Also, at the grocery store, found a cereal I have heard much good about and have been looking for, for quite awhile now! What a great way to end the day! The cover was the selling point for me. How could you turn down these smiles?! I sure couldn't.

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  1. Oh that cereal box is FANTASTIC!! I don't blame you for buying it and I'm STILL LAUGHING!!