The Mystery Machine!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ah Jakes the best! Last night he made quite a bargain and got this scooby doo lunch box in exchange for my spiderman lunch box. That's my kind of bargain! I was so excited to bring my lunch to school today! I am 100% positive my lunch tasted a billion times better because it all came out of a mystery machine. My ward was in charge of institute food so that ment kelsey was incharge of it. It was all kind of hectic but I had great help so that went well. Then jake and I rode our bikes and listened to scriptures. So in the past two days I have had four people tell me I look like or act like diffrent people. Jake said I look like Aubrey Hepburn with my bangs(except I am 10 times her size..ha ha) trent said I look like the singer Feist, Joesph F. Said I am a combo of the madd hatter and alice because he feels I am one of the only people that would thing to say "paint the roses red." Then Marky C. said I look like the girl from the show "my life as liz." He said I looked like her in highschool. I think the main concern here is, why are all these people getting plastic surgery to look like me? Sad day for them. Today got to do some more eyelash extension clients! Wahoo! And 3 more tomorrow! Oh life is so great! Today I got to go listen to a speaker that was Catholic and one that was an Evangelist. They both spoke separately and talked about how there religions are taught and how they bring families together. It was fantastic! Its amazing how many religions are based on the same things, just all believed and practiced quite a bit differently. For dinner tonight, Jake and I made some chicken red pepper pasta. It was great. I was super full. Then of course, finished off with some chocolate! We ate these Australian cookies that you bit off the ends and slurped up milk threw the cookie, and then ate it. I was surprised how wonderful it was! I never knew getting a new lunch box could make me so excited to pack my lunch everyday! I love seeing the cute scoob mobile in the fridge. It just makes everything look so good. So at hairschool we had a guest lecture, and during the lecture there was an extra seat next to me. They handed out flyers, and so I put my Yoda backpack on the chair next to me and put a paper on Yodas lap and a pen in his hand. I had no idea the girl behind me was watching me this whole time, and I heard a girl start busting up laughing so hard. Since she was laughing so hard she had to tell the whole school what had happened. Funny. I forgot my lunch pail at hairschool and jake was so concerned he went to school and picked it up for me so I could pack my lunch in it, not an ordinary brown bag. Cute. Then we went to the grocery store to get some apples and juice. Then Jake and I cleaned the turtle tank. Wow it was such an extravaganza! I learned some very important things. Never use a non lint free towel, it will shead everywhere in the tank without you know and then when you fill up the water there are many particals all over the water, seeming impossible to get each piece out when you have to get them all out one by one. Next lesson learned, clean you filter once a month and make sure water stays in the tubes or else it may take a good 30 mins to get the filter working again. Its ok now though the tank is clean and pretty! Also, I felt like a horrible turtle mother. I thought that the turtles needed a change of scenery, so we rearranged their toys in the cage, and I felt so horrible seeing the turtles struggle to get used to their new environment. I felt like such a bad mother. I was scared to wake up in the morning and for a turtle to be dead from change or fuzzy lints floating in the water. Well, this morning when I awoke, the turtles seemed ok. I bring Yoda with me to school everyday. I don't think I would be able to make it without him. I got to do two eyelash clients today. That was nice. Tomorrow will be a big day. I have stateboard practice for hair school and more importantly, Jake is getting belly button surgery. (Hernia). It shall be a fun movie marathon weeeeeeeekend! Fun! Tonight Jake and I are going rock climbing and making dinner! Life is good. I am so happy I am finally to 3 Nephi 18 in the Book of Mormon. It has been so long since I have read the book all the way threw. I forgot how cool reading threw it all and hearing the stories are. I love it! Tonight Jake and I played on BYU campus. It was really fun! We bought a mammoth toy, printer ink, and some sweats for Jake to wear after his surgery. The we ate at the always delicious Taco Bell and got steak grilled stuff burritos. Then, a surprise was on Jake's doorstep, and it happened to be addressed to Jake and I! His mom is so cute and sent us an Easter package. It had cute bracelets, fabulous candy, and pancake mix! Thank you so much Sue! Your the greatest! And then to top it off, Jake had hid Easter eggs all over my room with candy and notes in them. Oh how I love the holidays! Life is the best!

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