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Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a great couple of days. Thursday morning when I woke up and went outside it was sunny and nice out so I didn't bring a coat with me for the daily. Luckily, I had a coat in my car because to my surprise, it snowed! And by snow, I mean Mr. Canyons got 11 inches of snow! I was so excited that it was snowing! I think I want it to be winter longer, so I can try and hurry and finish hair school. I feel if the sun starts shinning it will be much harder to be indoors doing school....When I went downstairs to head off to school and grab my lunch my roommate Emily had cut up a pineapple and put some in a container for me to take to school. She really is one of the sweetest, greatest girls ever! I am so lucky to have her as a roommate. The pineapple was sooo fresh and tasty! Thursday was my good friend Natalee's birthday. She had a dinner at "Pirate's Island" which is kind of like an adult Chucky Cheese with Karaoke. Yes, I am the only one not looking at the camera? I guess I was to distracted by Russel's amazing karaoke singing. but really though. Russel is a regular karaoke at every karaoke place in the area. I love his dedication. Jake and I ended up going late because I had a client at school that toke a little longer than expected, so we went over to "five guys to grab a burger and fries. Jake wanted to get regular fries and put vinegar on them. (That is what is in my hand, not a beer.) A bit deceiving. The vinegar with salt was really good on the fries, but the smell of the vinegar made me not so much want to eat my burger. Of course though, I still ate it all. Then we came back to my place to ride bikes but I felt super sick, so we watched 101 Dalmatians. Lately, I have been loving, loving watching Disney movies (and buying them to..) They are such cute movies, wholesome, and fun to watch, with catchy toons to sing to the next day while they are stuck in your head! When I toke Jake home, we saw a really cool tree out front that looked neat with the recent snow fall outside. Friday morning, I woke up to the turtles all piled up on the pirate dock. Oh, they are so cute! I don't mean to brag, but I feel like the luckiest turtle mother of all time. I just feel I have the cutest most obedient children of all time. I was going to go snowboarding, but I felt like I should go to hair school and get some stuff done. Did some eyelashes on my friend Nicole and gave my manican head, and a client a new haircut. After school I picked up my friend, Alex from junior high that was in town and we went to cold stone. He got the "cookie dought you want some" combo in a white chocolate strawberry cone, and I got the same in a chocolate sprinkle cone. I think rule number one, share a cold stone, they are huge! and second, the cookie dough combo is not to yummy in a white chocolate strawberry cone, a cheese cake of some sort would be more tastey. Then came home and packed up some gear to go play in ice caves! Jake and I went with my friend Luke and some others. It was really cool to see piles of snow and you could crawl inside and play in them! Surprisingly if you were dressed warm, inside it was warm because no cold air was blowing in them. Since we got there around 9, almost all the ice caves were taken by boy scouts or random people so we got a small one. After an hour we got a bit claustrophobic so Jake and I didn't get to stay to play games. Its ok, hopefully we can go another time and get the mansion ice cave! Luke went up there a few days before and they played in one that had four rooms connected with a huge sitting area you could stand up in! They lit candles in it, and it was like you were in a inside of a pumpkin. Except for the fact that it was giving me and Jake a hard attack. I think I am more of a flash light, and bring extra batteries person. haha, I guess I am a pansie. I am a pyro, but only when I am in control of the fire. Then we went and got some yummy pizza and bread sticks and called it a night. Saturday, Jake made me breakfast. Of course, my favorie, chocolate chip pancakes, with even warm surup! Jake made some blueberry pancakes for him, and those looked great to! Today also happened to be the date of our 2 month anniversary of dating exclusive. ha ha Sometimes I feel we have been dating much longer than that, and other times I feel we just started dating. It has been fun being with Jake. He really is such a sweet amazing boyfriend. Then we watched "Lilo and Stitch." Then Jake went to meet up with his friend Jeff to go swim some laps. Now, It is time for me to catch up some blogging and do some old posts from some pictures I finally downloaded! It was great to finally put up the California pictures today, and spend some time on that. Then Jake came over and we ate some more pizza and pancakes and took off to go see Alice in Wonderland. It was great. Defiantly not like an original scary Tim Burton movie, so I liked that. It was fun and clever, and different from the cartoon Alice, but I am sure, probably more like the book? I shall read it and find out someday. Jake and I decided though that were going to try and not see movies anymore and just buy them when they come out because that is the same price, and then we get to keep the movie at the end. Well see. But I think that would be cool. All the characters in the Alice movie had really cool makeup and eyelashes. I wonder what the prep time for each charter was.

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