Thursday, March 4, 2010

This morning when I woke up, and got ready for the day it was a miracle in itself when I grabbed two of the same socks to wear. Then, even better, I realized they were my "wild Wednesday" socks! (thanks Sarah!!!!) What a great way to start the day off! Yesterday, at hairschool we had a guest artist come in and she was doing a blow dry demo and needed some hair. I thought, since my hair probably needed a washing I would volunteer. She started to brush my hair after it had been washed and lots of hair was coming out. She asked me when the last time I washed my hair was, and I started to count in my head, and realized the last time I washed my hair was probably a good two weeks ago. I think she was a little grossed out. Its ok though, because people will love you for who you are? ha ha These past two days have been full of much lunch packing, grocery store shopping, rock climbing, hair adventures. Tried bouldering for the first time! I loved it! I cant wait for the weather to get warm outside, so rock climbing can be done outside!!! Wahooo! Yesterday, Jake, some of his roommates and I all watched "the Bachelor." Quite an entertaining show, but maybe not the best use of time. Fun though. At college class I learned about lent. Its pretty cool when you think of it as a reminder that Christ sacrificed for you and your sins. Next year, I think it would be cool to start this and give up something in my life I need to give up to help me remember what my Savior has done for me, and his sacrifice for me. It will help me get more into the holiday season! Jake and I bought more Easter candy! yum! Carmel cadbury eggs this time. Sooooo good! Today at hairschool I got to do two sets of eyelash extensions. I love to do them. I am so glad I get to do them at school. It helps to make the time fly by and do something I really enjoy. Tonight Jake and I watched "Whats up Doc." It was a great movie full of brief cases, crazy women, rocks of all kinds, car chases, rolling trash cans, broken glass, death, drama and romance. It was really cute. I would like to watch it again. A cute clever movie. We also went to cold stone and got a yummmmmy ice cream of oatmeal cookie dough ice cream with cookie dough, chocolate chips, hot fudge, and caramel as toppings. Now they even have white chocolate waffle cones! That is such a great combo! Then we saw a homeless man and got him a burrito. I felt so bad for him. I said a prayer for him. I hope he stays warm in this cold weather. I feel that would be a really hard life to live day by day. :( I got to talk to my sister Cami tonight. Family is the best! Jake and I get to go to Maryland soon to play with his family! I am so excited! Life is so grand. Today I am grateful for scriptures on audio. Such a blessing and help in life. Also, I am grateful for wonderful friends like Sarah, that bought me the Wild Wed. socks., and ones for everyday of the week. I love how people are really so caring and thoughtful. Lastly, a warm place to sleep, food to eat and the gospel. Life is good.

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