april MAYISH

Thursday, May 27, 2010

aprilmayish have been great months. They are combined together like a blob, because thats what I feel these last two months have been. Don't get me wrong, a great blob, full of lots of events. Here is a few things that have happened in the last little bit:

*went to maryland to play with Jakes family
*finished regular school semester, full of great final projects
*packed up old apartment and cleaned lots
*moved into a new apartment
*did 70 hour weeks to finish hairschool as fast as I could
*studied lots to pass some hairschool tests and got a 90%! wahoo a miracle
*activities committee, ward parties
*partied at disneyland!

This has defiantly been a great time, but happy to have hairschool done. That was a great time in my life, but very very very happy to have it done. I never realized what a commitment of time things like that are. Good experience.
Went to the grocery store. Seeing this cereal makes me happy, and also eat an entire box in one day. My sister cami introduced me to this goodness.
A new reese's bar is in town. It was good, but to rich of peanut butter. I would of thought there would be any reeses to strong for my liking, but I guess this one was. :(

Jake and I went with his friends to go play laser tag. it was a blast! i think i enjoyed it to much! We played against another team, to our suprise our team won! and i came in 2nd place over all! i guess being a tomboy and always playing paintball paid off!
oh yummy, honeycomb! or.....a wasps nest inside my car....

When i was moving I found this old weekly schdule, and it made me think I have the greatest life ever! I love life! What fun adventures, great people, religion and activities!
Gurus, yumminess! best sweet potato fries around.
Found this old good fortune in a drawer along with some hair and gum......
Pretty flowers out side

This pretty flower is a picture sent from my dad! I was so proud! He does not text or send picture messages, so I was so proud of him! This picture will never be erased from my phone.
Jakes niece turned one years old!
We got to go out to her house and eat cup cakes with her family!
Claire is loving birthdays so far! She loves her baby doll and stoller!
I drew on Jakes hand to try and make class time fly by faster to finish up classes for the semester.
Jake decided to start studying for the MCAT. I got him a "school rocks" teddy bear to help him study. He sent this picture to me one day while he was studying. Cute boy.
Provo city strikes again, for the most crazy things. Parking on your own driveway gives you a parking ticket? Thats like the time I got towed out my own parking spot for a mer 140 bucks.
Jake has been wanting Arby's curly fries for quite some time now. We finally went and got him some, and got some jalepeno poppers as well! oh so yummy! As you can tell, Jake is very happy eating his fries in this picture.

When Jake and I went to visit his family, we got to look threw all of Jakes photo albums from growing up. This one of my favorite pictures. I loved it so much, his mom gave me a copy. I know keep it in my wallet. He said his hairstyle was called the "side spike." I could not stop laughing at this. Soooo good. I should of tried to bring the side spike back and cutting boys hair at hairschool this way, even if thats not what they wanted.
Packing a lunch and dinner every day got tiring, so I got some lunchables! This brought back some great memories of when I got to eat lunchables when I went on school field trips!
I went to "betos" to get a large greesy burrito. I was so excited to eat it! yum!
I was so excited to eat it, until I bit into it and saw that the burrito and realized they gave me the wrong burrito. I had ordered a stake carne asada burrito, and instead got a bacon breakfast burrito. :( its on though because Jake finished it for me and loved it! Good thing, boys can be great food disposals.

At hairschool we had an ice cream party! Yummy! I love ice cream!
My knee has been healing quite well. Remember when I had a little spill in the alleyway in Maryland? This is what it was from. Sadly everyday for a bit the scab would leak pus and get stuck on my pants or leggings and then rip off part of the scab again. It felt really good. I was surprised that after a full month that there was still a thick scab. Good thing I love picking scabs!
Moving into a new apartment created lots of fun trips to the D.I. , Walmart, and Target. I saw these cool pans at Walmart and loved them. I thought they were so cute, and that would be fun to cook in cute colored pans!
I had candy sucker lips and a grill. I know wearing them makes us look like a very attractive couple.... I think I was wearing the lips upside down?
My new room was huge, but didn't have a closet. Jake was awesome and helped me build a shelf, and my roommate Emily gave me some clothes racks, and we created a closet! It turned out awesome! I need to take a picture of it and put it up here. And yes this large pile of clothes is silly. Don't worry, I literally gave 6 large black trash bags to the needy. That felt nice.
Jake made me dinner! He is a great cook! I have never had a boy make me dinner before, and he does all the time! Its great.
I was excited that I got to have a shower curtain in my bathroom! I saw a shower curtain like this at Anthropolgie, but I didn't have 118 to spend on a shower curtain, so I tried to make it. The curtain did take longer than I expected, but it was quite fun to make. It was a slow project working on it, an hour a day, but finally it got done and I was able to shower again.

My roommate Emily was so sweet. She bought me the cute diamond shower hooks for this curtain. She wrote me the nicest note and said she thought I had been working so hard on the shower curtain and thought that these diamond shower curtain rings would look cute on it. She was sooooo right! It made the shower curtain look great! Shes the best! I love such kind, thoughtful, genuine people.
Carpal tunnel strikes again
When Jake and I went to California, I got this cool monkey, and named him tuna. Jakes mom bought me the cool Kermit,(who I sleep with every night) and the elephant is Jakes, and his name is banana. Jake comes over and tucks me in bed every-night, and he brought banana, and tucked in tuna and kermit next to me so I would sleep good.

Jake and I have been into a chocolate covered strawberry, pretty much chocolate covered fruits and oreo cravings alot lately.
Jake is a professional at dipping strawberries!

I saw this at the partyland store while I was picking up supplies for our ward summer opening social. I think when I was a child I didnt even know what an armadillo was. Pretty neat though.

Remember when it was scheduled that we were going to have an opening social up provo canyon, and I woke and it was a blizzard out. This was just the beginning. But it was ok, we moved the activity to wed, and it was all able to work out great. We had Costa Vida cater and they were so good and were not even mad when we called and changed our order to wed. Go costa.
Great movies at Best Buy! They were on sale for $7.00! Sometimes Best Buy has great deals for movies and blue rays. Sometimes they are the worse prices than most places,but you can find some great deals here!
Yummy costco pizza!
I finally made dinner. Stir fry from a bag. But it was super yummy!
Sensuous Sandwich is my Neds Crazy sub substitute. I tried the italian sub today, warm with cream cheese and it was the best sandwich I have ever had.
Remember at the ward party when I got there, and didn't knew Costa Vida catering does not come in containers, it comes in plastic bags. Good thing for great roommates that take care of you and save your but!

Black and white chocolate chip with carmel apple from Rocky Road Mtn. Factory! yummmmmm

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  1. Oh geez! As usual I commented in my head after every picture.... some of the highlights for me were definitely the "side spike"... sooooooooo GREAT!! parking ticket in your driveway? really? because you were too close to the curb? Your knee is disgusting. and carpel tunnel? good thing you had a foux fur coat to go over your wrist band. and that shower curtain!!! OOOOHHHH I'm IN LOVE with it!! I had other thoughts but on to the next post....