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Thursday, June 10, 2010

When I went down to Arizona to go the "Time to Blossom" camp, I got to play a couple days at home. While I was home my mom asked me to clean out all my stuff from my room. :( I got the boot. I really had a great time going threw everything though. It made me really grateful for the awesome memories that had come up, and the wonderful times I have been able to have in life.
This is cute bree brees! She is looking a book of pictures of grandma and grandpa! She gets to meet them in a couple of weeks! Going threw my old stuff was also good because I was able to find some stuff that some of my family would love! Bree got this cute purse! I loved this one!
Alyssa and Cami. They have a special bond together.
Jeff and Dean. Dean is quite the snuggle bug. He is so handsome.
Beautiful Morgan. I cant believe how big and old she is! I remember holding her as a baby in Junior high! Morgan is now 8 years old!
Shane and Gavin. Handsome boys.
Mom has always been a great presenter. Here are some toppings for our frito chili salads! And oh it was yummy!
For desert mom had a chocolate fountain! We all enjoyed much! Bree was cracking me up! She is so funny. She looked sooo cute with the chocolate on her face.
A beautiful duet.
Well, cleaning out my room ended up being a really great time. I used to love Vans shoes in high-school and here were a few pairs I found. I still remember what store I got each one from, and how I was so excited to get each on. I got the white velcro ones in Florida at the Van's park, and I remember that being so cool. I watched the kids skate around for quite some time while my sisters shopped. This was when the Velcro ones hadnt hit the stores yet so I wanted to wear them right away!
At my favorite store to shop with my dad growing up was called "Limited Too." It was the best store ever. Glitter, bight colors..what else could a girl want?! I remember I had the radest hot pink glitter pants from there! What a great life. At the store they had a sticker machine and you could pick funny background and put your face in it! I had some with aimee anderson, and kelly, and gina, and some with my dad. I even found some when my dad and went to Disneyland together. Going to Disneyland, just my dad and I will always be one of my favorite memories with him. We rode space mountain 6 times in a row! Thats what I call a trooper.
This was an jacket I loved to wear in highschool. I loved the colors, the zipper pockets and the elastic waist. I was sad to see this one go. The next items brought back fun memories, and most were hard to let go. Some I put in my treasure chest.
Limited Too silky pjs. Best for sleep overs and staying cozy while you sleep.
When I was 14 I was a life guard at "Big Surf Waterpark.' I would get chicken fingers for every lunch I had there. I loved being a life guard. It was a fun job!
This was my little money safe, and it was filled with aladins magic carpet, coin collection, Fireball yo yos from elementry, some of my favorite ments from Rubys, and pooh bear sticker book.
Found a stack of old lift tickets when I used to live in Idaho and took a snowboarding class on Thrusdays.
I came accross many old phones. I dont know I went threw them so fast. Sorry mom and dad.
In high school, my dad would write me notes all the time and put them on my bathroom door. He still writes me letters often. He is the best. I love dads notes. I have them all saved in my dad book.
I used to love making jewelry when I was a tot. I liked to use the letter beads to put my name on them.

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  1. You seem to no longer like to wear your Vans. That's a shame cause they would look great on you.