Memorial week!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why play on memorial day....when you should make the holiday last allllll week long!?!

SATURDAY: saturday was a blast! Jake and I went to nordstroms and got matching white sperrys to complete our full matching onsomble for the day. Then we ran some errands to weekly walmart and got the movies "thumbalina and billy maddison." Then we headed off to park city to play for the day. We spent the day hanging out at the outlets eating ms fields cookies and then went and walked down main street. It was fun, and then we went and looked at all the cute old houses. I would love to live in park city. That's one little town I would be ok living in. After we went to one of my favorite pizza shops called "davanzas." I go there everytime after snowboarding. It brought back some great memories. Then we drove back home and went to the dollar theaters and saw "diaries of a whimmpie kid." It was cute, yet sad. The main boy was not always nice and that made me sad. But we got popcorn and it was so good! Ever since hairschool I have loved popcorn because there was a popcorn machine that we would make fresh yummy popcorn. Saturday was such an ideal day. It was so much fun! I also saw some old friends saturday, and that was great! I love seeing people that I have not seen in a bit.

SUNDAY: had meetings, went to church, and then ate dinner and scyped with jakes family! I love talking to them! They are so great. Then I had a good friend from idaho,Alisa in town so, jake and I got to go see her and we played the funnest game called "blokus." It was such a fun game. It is kinda like "tetris" on a board. It was so great to see Alisa. Her and I did a study abroad together in Central America. She always makes me so happy and it was so good to see her. Then Jake and I went to ward prayer back at my place because my roomate is in charge of ward prayer. She does a great job. Megan started doing themes for ward prayer and it has been a blast.
MONDAY: Jake came and picked me up and we went to breakfast at Maglebys Fresh with his roomates. Then we went to the duck pond and looked at the ducks. I kept seeing little things pop out of the water and I knew they must of been turtles. Before we knew it we counted over 15 turtles! They were so cute. They were the same kind of turtles as mine, but bigger! I wanted to hold one to know what my turtles weight, and size would soon someday become! Some were basking on the sides of the pond, so Jake caught one and we played with him. He was a friendly fellow, and I was suprised how light he was. I could hold him with one hand, and it didnt hurt my carple tunnel. So that means, he is light. Playing with this turtle acctually made me exicited for the turtles to grow and get big and strong. They are just so dang cute little, they will be hard to part with. But then I just need to remeber, like any mom, enjoy the children while they are young. Those years go by extremely fast, and cherish them. Then Jake and I visted his friend Taylor, and browed a tennis raquet from him, so that Jake and I could go play tennis with our friends Sandy and Alan. Oh, how I miss playing tennis. It was really fun playing, but yet, very dissapointing seeing that my skills had gone down the drain. Despite that, it was a fun adventure and we all had a great time! I would like to start playing tennis again. I miss it. Next, we went to Rock Canyon park to go on a hiking adventure. We realized we needed to start working out again. I have never been Rock Canyon Park, but it had lots of pretty scenery, lots of people out playing, and lots of options for diffrent kinds of hiking, biking, rockclimbing adventures. We hiked up to a cool cave, that was freezing and scary looking, and far back into the mountain scary. Cool! Then Jake and I went to pick up dinner. He got Macaroni grill and I got sushi and Happy Sumo. We then went and ate it at a park and had a picnic! I love picnics! It was 7 oclock by this time, and super warm outside still! Wahoo, summer is here!!!!! Oh, I love summers! I am so happy and excited its here now! But who in Utah is quite spradic and it could snow anyday. Then we went back to Jakes place and watched the movie "Whip It." It was a fun movie, but completely diffrent than I expected. It was a fun time though. This weekend was a great time with Jake! I love being able to play lots with him.

TUESDAY: Well, back at the house the washer broke and its been quite the ordeal. I keep going to the store to buy new undies to try and keep up with the loss of no washer. So we have had repair man, after repair man, and now we are getting a new washer! Wahoo! Our landlord was coming over to talk to washer man, and our trash had now become collectables to our garage, Sandy, Megan and I decided it was time for it to go. We filled up boxes with trash, and rolled the two large over flowing trash cans down to a dumpster. It really was hilarious having a car full of trash, follwed by two girls in sweatpants and oversized tees, rolling large trash cans. Then, the ride back up the hill was fun because Sandy pulled Megan and I in the back of her car. Going over speed bumbs was scary, but well worth all the laughs. Then that night, Megan and I went to the magical D.I. to look for an old door. I saw the coolest door table made by Jakes friend Taylor and I have been dying to make one! Instead we found cool love seat, so I got it for my room! Then we went to Walgreens to buy feebreze and anything killer spray to put on the couch. For food we went to Wendys and enjoyed ourselves. I feel life could not be any better. Then, when Megan and I got home, Sandy happend to be home! She helped us move the chair into my room. At Walgreens Megan got some sweet gangster sweat pants size XXXXXXXL and I got a great picture of Sandy and Megan both in the sweat pants. Then our neighbor Jason came over and we all played on the mini tramp, bikes and talked. It was a great time. Then the mail came and my curtains came in the mail! wahooooo! finally not on backorder anymore! Jake then got done with studying, and came over for us to go running. A big fight had broken out infront of our complex, and many many cops were there. All of us were so interested we had to see what was going down. It seemed intense so Jake and I went on a walk. On our walk we were of course craving candies, so we went to the best place for candy, Macys. We got lots of good sours, gummies, and of course the best ever...Choclate Covered Cinnamon Bears. YUMMMM! Then Jake and I watched "Pincocio." That movie is actually pretty scary, but I forgot how cute it was. I love Disney. I didnt thing the Digitally Remasterd movies would make a diffrence, but they are pretty cool! They seem very 3 demetional.

WENSEDAY: Ran errands, did grocerys, and got some stuff and started packing to prepare for a Moab trip this weekend! There has been a Jesus picture I have been looking for, for some time now, and I went out on an adventure to look for it! Finally, it was found at the Distribution Center, and it was in a rad gold frame!!! I have one wall in my room and it is the only wall that does not have anything on it, and it quite a large.......large wall. So this picture was perfect!!!! I needed to ponder about the picture and check the I left to contiue on the days adventures. I didnt want to get fried this weekend, at Moab, so I decided to be dumb and go to the tanning beds. Instead I got freid at there. Oh so bad for you, and I was a retard. So all day I was fried and uncomfortable. haha This Sunday, Jake and I will have been dating for 7 months so I set out to find him a suprise. He really had wanted to get the movie "meet the robinsons" on lu ray, so I finally found one at Best Buy. Wahoo! Then I got to go back to the Distribution Center and buy the picture of Jesus. I got the one of Jesus in Western Americas. He is in a white robe, on the stairs, with fallen pyramids in the backround, arms open, and people coming to him on the steps, and the darkness disapearing. Ever since an experience I had at the Guatamala temple, and seeing this picture in the temple, this picture has always ment so much to me, and I have really wanted to get it since then! Thankgoodness for a large empty wall as an excuse to get it! :) Then I met up with Jake at home depot to get some gloves for our canyoneering adventure we were going to have in moab. After finding some we went to a place called Hansons Canyonering to pick up a new belay device and try out some repeling. I was suprised how scared I was to go down the repels. It was really fun though. They had one that would of been sorta like a cliff jump, hang that was fun. Then Jake and I went to A&W's to get a drink. Jake got a rootbeer and I got an orange float. It was a fun time. Then Jake went off to a study group and I went and ran a few more errands, and then came home to watch the lame show.."bacholorette." I am not much of a tv watcher but for some reason, this trashy show it sometimes kind of fun to watch. You know how when you lay out in the sun all day, you are tired and feel sick like sun poisioning got into your skin? That is how I felt. Tanning beds never again, Ill take the getting fried in the real sun. After Jake got done with studying, we rode bikes for a bit and then he tucked me in bed and went home. I love life!

THURSDAY: You know those days you want to go to the temple and Santan tries to do everything to not get you there? I felt like it was one of those days. Woke up, did some eyelashes, made a yummy tuna melt, got dressed in church clothes so I would be ready to go to the temple, ran some errands and made some returns, more washing machine adventures.......and finally got to the temple, and made it in time to get my car to the car shop..but then they didnt have the part I needed.....but its ok, got the part and now get to take my car in next week. I am amazed sometimes how car maitence and car things are just expensive...I guess some people got to make a living right? Then Jake and I went to another rock gym to go do some diffrent repels. The boy that helped us was so kind, and he let us try a bunch of diffrent kind of repel devices. Who knew..there could be so many options. It made me sooo excited for the upcoming weekend, and being able to try some real repeling in the wilderness! Jake and I then went to pick up some dinner and got some Stans and Taco Bell. Then we got Jake packed for Moab, and the car ready to go, and then came and got me all packed up to go! Lastly, we ran to Walmart for some last minute items to get. I got a sweet outdoors chair to sit in, a head lamp, the movie "The Incredibles" on sale, and the game "blokus" so we could play it with my roomates on Sunday! It was a succesful trip to Walmart. Jake and I are now pumped and ready to head off to Moab!!

FRIDAY: Wahoo! Moab today! Woke up, did some eyelashes, ran some last minute errands, Jake came home from work, picked me up, and we went to Rubios, for a free fish taco for free fishing day in Utah. That was awesome! Then we got gas, and headeded off for Moab! Yes, life is soooooooooooooooooo great! Moab here we come!

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