Monday, July 5, 2010

If this picture does not get you excited to have children....I don't know what will! Ha ha so my cute niece alyssa and nephew shane, woke up early one morning and found a hidden box of sharpies and happened to have a party of color with them. Fortuantley the smered poop...was able to be cleaned, the sharpies on the sink counters were able to come off, a new wall paint job, new shower curtain and toilet seat did the trick! This is the old toilet seat and I thought it should become a framed treasure. Yes things like this help me be excited and want children right away.....ha ha no but I do love kids, they are so cute and messy!
Dont let these innocent looking pictures deceive you......great little kids though.

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  1. AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! MAGIC MARKERS?? NOOOOOO!!!! This is as bad or worse as the bright red paint on my carpet. hallelujah is got cleaned up okay- I'm sure aub just died. My favorite is Alyssa's little toes on the toilet lid in the picture :) off to bed... I'll get to your next posts tomorrow and comment :)