duck pond

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

By BYU campus they have a really fun duck pond. Ever since Jake and I discovered there were turtles in it!!!!!!!! we like to go visit often! Can you spot out some turtles in this picture? (its like the game..wheres waldo)

We are so happy to see some big turtles!
Ah!! Turtle on the shore! Jake caught this one for me to hold!
I wanted to see how heavy the turtle was, because someday our cute 4 baby turtles will be this big to! and maybe even bigger! I was shocked that the turtle was really light. I hope the turtles are that light, and that the turtle was not malnourished....
Jake and Tuna. Tuna is so much fun to have around. He loves to come and hang out. He is a great friend to bring along.

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