Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On Friday night, Jake and I went on a fun date to the Timpanogas temple, and got little ceasers pizza to eat. After we went to our weekly Walmart trip to go get some special ingredients to make some cup cakes I had been dying to make! A couple of weeks ago I bought 2 of the cutest cupcake books. Jake and I had a fun time attempting to make these duck cupcakes! The book taught us a couple of tricks how to make a batter really yummy and how to put the batter into the cupcake tins.

The oven at my place has been a little sketchy so we cooked cupcakes at Jakes,and then brought them over to my place to finish them off! Here we have frosted the cupcakes and have done the first step.
Next we added the donut heads, and marshmallow tail and put them in the freezer to harden and stick together.
Next is the dipping process. Lets just say...they make it look alot easier in the book than in real life. Jake was so excited because he made a duck with a square marshmallow head instead of the donut head. This was his favorite, and could not be eaten. I thought it turned out great! Jake is always creative when he cooks.
We made 2 kinds of ducks. Just regular frosted ducks, and coconut frosted ducks.
This was my favorite duck. I ate him and he was so yummy. I think it was the buttermilk we put in the cupcakes instead of the water, and the yummy coconut!
These were all our ducks. We had a hard time eating them because they turned out so cute! Maybe not book worthy cute, but for a first time cup cake decorating adventure, we had a great time!
Jake did a great job making the beaks and feet for the upside down ducks using starburst! Maybe he should go into starburst sculpturing for a job.

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