utah in july

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July has been awesome! Great adventures have happened. Every night Jake and I have been watching this amazing shark show on the national geographic channel called "great white expedition." I love it because it makes the sharks not look scary, and its just a neat show. Watch it. Shark week starts Aug. 2, and were getting pumped and ready for that! We also have been enjoying the movies alot lately. We have gone to the dollar movies a few times and even the real movies! We saw, how to train your dragon, and iron man 2. I enjoyed each of them.
Finally, Finally FINALLY~! I took the state board practical test for hair school. It was scary,but I felt truly so many prayers from people, and others cheering me on that I wasn't even nervous. OK, just a little bit nervous. But Looking at this picture made me so happy this phase of my life is over with :) I left at 6 am for my test and didnt get back till 4pm. That was a long day! But after, Jake came and picked me up and we went to "the bombay house" to get yummy Indian food! We good a chicken Marsala and a shrimp coconut curry. ooooh so good! and yes, after we went to cold stone to! What a great life!
Have you ever thought you saw something like a lawn mower with a couch on it driving down the road, and you happened to be right? How cool is this! We were so excited when we saw this! How neat to go take a date to get a snowcone, and you have a place to sit to enjoy your cone?! yea, awesome!
Well one night our house smelled of drugs and we got scared so all of us girls stayed up late and changed all the locks in our house, and did gymnastics in the hall way, and ate crap food till 4am. These are the great memories you remember in college. This is Emily about to preform an areal.
Boyfriends are the best. When I was out of town for awhile, Jake bought me lots of awesome surprises. I truly felt like it was Christmas. Pretty much because it was! Jake bought me and "twilight" movie tshirt...because he wanted everyone to know that "I love Jacob" haha, some Disney movies I had wanted, and the sherk ones to! and the cutest dress from J-Crew. I was so impressed, he did such a good job of picking out the cutest dress ever! So he got me a bar of soap, and I thought he was implying that I should shower more. Then I realized, the smell was such a great smell, and that's why Jake always smells so good, because of the soap he uses! Cute boy. Then there was a crab cup I loved, and my favorite candies.
Sometimes the trash gets forgotten all to often. Our garage was full with more than 2 full trash cans, and loads of boxes. It was intense. So we loaded up Sandys car with all the boxes, and and Megan and I rolled down the trash cans down a large hill and all of us lifted up the cans into a dumpster. Sandy drove us back in the back of her car. The speed bumps were scary. It was all worth it. After we all collected the trash from the house and within an hour, the cans were full again, and we toke them out to the street to be emptied by the nice mr. trash man. Now the boyfriends of the apartment take duty in taking the trash out each week.
Megan and I were running some errands and at Walgreens we saw some large sweat pants on sale for 2 dollars. Megan bought a pair. Neither of us realized how huge they were. Megan and Sandy are both hanging out in the pants.
At Walgreens, Megan and I also saw some "kabang" treats. I was apauled. haha
Jake has been quite creative lately when it has come to food. He put strawberries on the chicken to cook in the oven. He also tried blueberries. I guess you got to get all the food groups in some how :) Jake does a great job at making food.
Oh my all time favorite sub, the Senuous Sandwich Italian deal. Soooo yummy. Who would guess that cream cheese would make a sub sandwich.All my cousins are getting married! This was at my cousin Reed (Michael's) wedding. He married the cutest girl! They came to our house a for a bit over thanksgiving time and I got to meet his fiance Ashley and get to know her there. They make a great couple! Except for the fact that I dont have any pictuers of them, at their wedding. That makes sense? Well this was at the grooms lunchin at the Joseph Smith place. It was a yummy salad, chicken dinner and cheese cake. I dont even like cheesecake and I ate the whole thing! It was good! This is mom, Bick, Bick, Mitsy, Donna, Mitch, Lindsey. Mitch got married about a year ago and his twin sister Mandy is getting married end of July. So much family action!

This was the pretty view from lunchin.
This deer is in my front yard. My roomate sent this picture to me. So awesome!
Jake helped me complete one of my life long goals. I drove around BYU campus! It was such a great feeling. We had to drop off some stuff, a lot of stuff for a ward activity in one of the buildings, so we drove on campus to drop it off. I can cross that one off the bucket list now! Thanks Jake!

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