Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Team COZY SPIDERS originated in 2010, at the lanes of the BYU Bowling League. They consist of four players. Captain Kelsey-hobo spider, and teammates Jacob-wolf spider, Stacey-spider vein, Neal-pancake. They are dedicated players who love to bowl for the fun of the sport, and not so much the game. With their team mascot Tuna the Monkey, it is destiny for them to win the bowling league tournament."

Last year Stacey and I participated in a bowling league. Here we had a lot of fun times, and great memories. (Anders-flame pants and euro dance moves, special guest appearances...and other great events) Sadly, we did not even think of doing bowling league this year because it completely spaced our minds. When this fall semester of school began, I got an email from the head of the Bowling League, asking if we would like to come back and bowl as a special request from him. He told us, our team spirit, and charisma were what they needed to liven this league up. Also, he said we could get our first game for free! I emailed him back and told him it would do us great honor to be back on the league. I told him to expect us holding the 1st place trophy at the end of the season. So, that's how the Cozy Spiders began.  We have bowling league every week. There we play against an opposing team 3 games. Winner takes all. This year, I think some of our winning moves will be done by dancing to distract opponents, bowling at the exact same time as them, and rapping to scare the opponents bowling balls into the gutters.
 This is Neal. (Stacey's boyfriend) aka PANCAKE. At first the season started off a little ruff for him. Then he discovered the magical powers of Tuna. Neal started bowling multiple rounds with Tuna in his pocket. It has never failed that when Tuna was in his pocket, that Neal would bowl a strike.
 This is Tuna  in Neals pocket. Tuna said he enjoys being part of the bowling league. He said this is a night he looks forward to. He enjoys being in the players pockets, sitting on bowling balls, and eating a bag of skittles while watching a game.
 Game 1 results
 Neal has a jumbo kindle. This is where Tuna began his interest in it.
 Neal taught Tuna how to read.
 Seeing the name pancake on the screen makes me laugh, and have happy feelings inside.
 This is cute Jacob (WOLF SPIDER). He is waiting his turn to bowl. Jake has really improved his skills since our first game. He has been able to pull out some good scores and break a hundred almost every game! Way to go Jake! (last season, I think the score 100 was broken only 2 times...)
 pancake and spidervein unite! They are patiently waiting for the games results to appear on the screen!
 This was my best game all season~ I got a turkey! (3 strikes!)
 Not only do we bowl at bowling league, we have all kinds of other fun to. Eating pizza, dance parties, finishing homework, and competitions. Stacey joined a push up competition and won! YYYYEAAAAHHH spider vein! She won two free games of bowling!
Jacob is about to drop the ball to get this last pin down. He succeeded.
Every week there is a league news letter. Here we learn of the opposing team, and the predictions of who is going to win what game. (we have not yet been choose to win a game...)

 These are Staceys free games she won! Go Staceypants!
a happy family
Last game of the day. It was a good night of bowling. Until next week...

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  1. sooooooo funny! What I would do to be an onlooker on those games- what a privilege to be begged back onto the league:)