Hallows Eve is nearing.....

Friday, October 8, 2010

That was fun writing 10/8/10. Well, life is great! On wedding plans, some things are starting to finalize like, photographers, and progress on bridesmaid dresses! Exciting! Ok, maybe not photographers yet, but working on it. My moms the greatest! She has been working so hard. Also, Halloween is nearing! That means the start of holiday party time is coming! Wahoo! Well, holiday times are some of my favorite times ever! I have been so excited about Halloween, that last month I started buying random Halloween things for Jake. We have a lot of Halloween of movies we need to watch now... This was a Halloween party package that I left for him while he was at work. It was really a surprise present for our 11 month anniversary. I made him a pumpkin card.

On Tuesday, Jake met me on campus to give me a good luck kiss, and have dinner with me at the Cougar eat before I took a test. I needed a little encouragement because I have felt doomed for every test.  He brought me "Beauty and the Beast", some sticky eyeballs and pencils I wanted. How could I fail a test after that? (lets just pretend I really didn't fail it...) I am really excited to watch Beauty and the Beast. (Hayley, that movie reminds me of you!). It has been way to long since I have seen that movie. I think the last time I saw that was at Aimee Andersons house when we were probably about 11. We went in her library after the movie and tried to do the swinging thing Bell did on the library ladder. Cartoons make things look so smooth and easy.

The weather has been fabulous lately! It has been raining off and on for the past week, and I have been loving it! Oh the rain is great! Except rain makes me want to eat cookies, watch movies and be cozy by a fire. Not very productive things.
I realized why I have not enjoyed riding my bike very much indoors. I discovered my seat was to large for long bike rides, so I started riding Jake's bike. Tuna and his puppy dog Wrinkles have been sharing my bike for bike rides. We have been liking to go on bike rides lately listening to D&C and studying text books.
I cant wait for Sue and Kim to be my new parent in laws! They are so sweet! They sent Jake and I the funnest Halloween package. Tuna was so excited that he wanted to be in the picture! Remember awhile back when I first met Jake's family and I tripped and scraped up my knee and my green tights ripped? Sue was so thoughtful and bought me new ones! I was so excited! I love tights!  I was also excited for this light up pumpkin. I stole it and took it to my house and have been using it as a night light. Thank you so much for the fantastic package!!!
This has been a fantastic week. Jake has not been getting enough sleep though...He keeps falling asleep anywhere he lays down. Poor Jacob. Last night we went on a fun date. We went up to Salt Lake to make some exchanges on some clothes, and then came back to Provo and went to In-and-Out burger and then to the dollar movies. Every city needs a dollar theater. They are great! We saw the Disney movie "The Sorcerers Apprentice" with Nicolas Cage. It has a bit of cheeeeese in it, but I really enjoyed it. It was a fun time! We even got popcorn!


  1. after all that candy you made need a "control top" pair of tights :) hee, hee- totally kidding... but maybe not :)