October 10-17th!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This has been quite an eventful week. I started meeting with a Statistics tutor, that I wish I would of done at the begginging of the year....I also have been prearing for 3 midterms. Its crazy to think the semester is half way done! Wahoo!!!! Jake helped me transfer some credits from fashion school, and I got an email from BYU evaluating the classes I took, and gave me the credits for them! Wahoo! That means, after this semester, I have 4 credits total left! (If I finish my online Nutrition class....I would only have 1 credit left). I need to start working on that. Time to step it up. Jake and I take engagement pictures this week, so we have been working on putting together some outfits. That has been fun. Jake was so sweet and bought me the cutest outfit that I wanted to wear for the pictures! I am so excited to wear it! My mom comes into town next week, and I have been so excited to see her and be able to spend time with her! Jake's mom bought a plane ticket to come down to the bridal shower! I am sooooo excited she is coming! I know everyone will be so happy to meet her! (especially my sisters!) Jake has been looking for housing for us to live in for the winter. There has been a few places he has liked, so we are working on meeting the landlords. I feel I have had so many tender mercies in my life lately. I feel the Lord is always blessing my life, but extra extra these past few weeks.  This week, Jake and I were able to have a bit of fun together to!
Cute picture huh? I never knew Jake was so good at puppet shows! He was so adorable.

 Jake did a puppet show with the beanie babies, and Tuna was the host. I was laughing so hard.
 I thought this was the cutest thing ever, I couldn't stop taking pictures of how cute I thought Jake was.
 With so many exciting things going on, it was time for a beard and hair trim! I got to help Jake trim his beard, and hair. After we trimmed his beard, I was surprised with how much hair came off his face. We cut his hair in the garage so it would be an easy clean up.
 What a nice looking trimmed beard!

Well, Halloween is nearing. Jake and I's Halloween costumes came in the mail. Tuna was super sad because he thought that he didn't have a Halloween costume to wear, so I had to spill the beans and show him his bunny costume. I have never seen him so excited! He was jumping up and down so high! He put on the bunny outfit, and jumped even higher! He loves his outfit so much, he wont take it off. Ive tried many times for him to take off the bunny costume but he said he wont take it off till after Halloween is over.
 Tuna was so excited about his costume he crawled up stairs to Stacey's room to show her his new attire. Stacey is such a supportive friend to Tuna, I think she was just as excited as he was to get the outfit.
Saturday was a great day! I got to study from 7am to 1pm, while Jake and his brothers worked hard on doing some awesome landscaping for Nathans yard. I didn't get to see the final project in person, but from the pictures, the yard looked wonderful! Nathan and Joanna made a herb garden! That's so awesome! Someday I would like to do something like that. Nathan works at the Lion House in Salt Lake as a chef, so we got to go eat with him there! That was fun! I drove up to Salt Lake after studying to go meet up with the boys. The food was great! We all got pot roast, or pulled pork sandwiches. I really enjoyed the whole meal, but my favorites were the steamed vegetables, and cornbread. After lunch, Nathan headed to work, and Cameron and Wesley went to go visit some friends and get back home. Jake and I stayed in Salt Lake for a little bit and had some fun!

We walked around Temple Square, the church grounds, and went to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. There we went and saw the Joseph Smith Restoration movie. I am not sure what the name of the actual movie is, but it was one intense movie. It was super good too. I cried the entire time. It was nice that I have had a cold, because I have been carrying a box of Kleenex in my purse, and it came in handy. I have always known starting the church was quite a hard task, and there were many percussion's for the saints, but to see some of them portrayed made a new perspective for me on this subject. It really started making me think what I would of thought, if I started hearing rumors about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and words of a modern prophet receiving revelation? If I would move multiple times to be with the Saints? and if I would be a follower? I would sure hope I would be! I think living back in that time period would be incredibly hard. Having not much medical knowledge or tools to find cures, loved ones dying often, so much manual labor; I think hearing of the hope the gospel brings, and the knowledge of a living, and loving God would be the perfect message to be shared. I feel it still is today. I am so grateful for the gospel, and all the people that followed Gods will, and worked so hard to restore the gospel.
 On our way home from Salt Lake. I got to talk to my mom and her and my sister Aubrey were having a fun time in Sadona, Arizona. They went on a 3 our desert jeep ride! That's cool!
I was so excited that Jake and I got to go grocery shopping! Food was running low....and it was time to get some basics! Tuna saw a miniature pumpkin, and he wanted to hold it.
 Tuna made some other friends along the way. They ended up coming home with us. Tuna, Mr. Pumpkin, Patunia the pink bear, Jake and I ended the night with some yummy Golden Spoon, and some episodes of "The Community." It has been amazing having a Golden Spoon by us in Utah! I have grown up going to Golden Spoon and have missed it much living away from it. I am so happy the joy of the spoon is spreading. My roommate Sandy also has an addiction to Golden Spoon, and we happened to see her and her boyfriend Alan there! A great run in! Jake and I got chocolate mint and graham cracker yogurt with caramel cups and heath bar for toppings!
 After church, there is always a gathering in the kitchen. Stacey bought stuff to make smores, so her, Sandy and I made some in the oven. They were delicious! Thanks Staceypants!

Smores are hard to eat without being messy. It is worth it! For dinner, Jake and I are making some yummy pasta. Jake is great at cooking. Then we are going to ward prayer, (my roommate Megan is over ward prayer and does a great job with it) and then seeing where the eventing takes us. It has been a great week! I am excited to get some tests done this week, play with Jake, look at the turtles and spend time with my mom!

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  1. First, Mallory would have LOVED to see that professional puppet show- impressive. Second, Jake is looking extra handsome with a trimmed beard. Third, Tuna's Halloween costume is pretty much the greatest thing ever :) fourth, you are lookin SMOKIN HOT! love it all kelsey!