Bridal Shower!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wahoo! A bridal shower! Susan and I got to fly together the day of the bridal shower down to Arizona. When driving to the airport, schools were shut down and closed for what was supposed to be the most sever snow storm of the year. Fortunately our flight was only delayed a few hours and we made it home right before the bridal shower! At the shower I found out about a lot of people stuck at the airport overnight waiting to come home for the holidays! Glad we made it!
The food table! Looking awesome! So many of my moms friends (and they are my friends to!) got together and helped put together the most beautiful bridal shower! I feel so special! Thanks team!
My Sister Amber is the greatest! She made all the party favors! She is the best choclater ever! She could be the next Willy Wonka. Thanks for all your love and hard work Amber!

So many people put so much hard work into this shower and it turned out amazing! It was so wonderful to see all the people I love and helped me get where I am at today.  I feel so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life!

My cute niece Morgan came! I love whenever I get to see her. She gives the best hugs! Cami and Mom!

One of my all time favorite families!!!!
Jakes mom Susan made a special trip to come to the bridal shower! She is so sweet! It was so wonderful to have her there!

Loads of fun! Thank you so much everyone for all your love and supppport! Jake and I got so much great stuff! I am so excited to decorate our new home and be a house wife!

Scarlett and Caitlin are the best!

Jakes mom headed up to Utah to spend her Thanksgiving and took a large suit case of gifts back for me! Thanks new mom! It was the best ever having you there! The whole bridal shower was the best! My favorite part was seeing so many people I have not seen in sometime from being away at school.

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