Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Great news! My car had been in the shop for the last week because she was feeling ill and making some serious grinding noises. I few thousand dollars....and a lot of work, Betsey is back! This is wonderful! Now Jakes car is in the shop. They gave him the cutest Jeep Wrangler to use while its getting fixed. Two weeks ago, someone hit him on his drivers side. Thankfully Jake was safe, and his car had a few boo boos. Last night I was able to spend a few hours with my long lost friends Heather and Marin. I hung out with these girls day and night for a year straight until they both left of missions! They are the greatest! I love how they are such positive/uplifting people that are so outgoing and happy. I cant not see either of them and be the happiest person in the world. They both are flying down for Jake and I's wedding! Oh there the best! This week I have a Statistics test.....I feel more prepared for this one though than the others. With that being said Ill probably do worse. ha ha Hopefully not. After this week......three more weeks of school! Wahoo. Oh, how time really flies! I remember when the semester started and thought it would never end. I still feel that way a bit, but three weeks??! Thats not to shabby.  Been doing lots of eyelashes this week. That has been fun! I really enjoy seeing my clients and chatting with them. Eyelashes are the greatest. Tuna has been doing well. He comes with me to class everyday. Sometimes he likes to come out and say hi to people. He's such a sweet monkey! This weekend we watched a documentary called "King of Kong" and it was a documentary all about the original Mario video game of Donkey Kong. Tuna loved it. I did to. I have been dying to make more crafts! I love love love craft making! Marin, Heather and I are going to start having craft night! I hope it really happens because that sounds like heaven to me! Well, love you all! Hope life is going great!

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  1. Oh Kels I'm way behind! I had no idea you two took a trip to vegas! SOOOOOOOOO FUN!!! I love all the pictures- I"m freaking out about your pillows, and still in awe over your beautiful engagement pics- seriously- I'm proud to be your sis! You are the BEST!!! lets talk soon!