November Is Here!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tuna and Floppy. Tuna cant believe that its officially Halloween day and in the morning he is going to take off his bunny suit. I think he is a bit nervous....
 Once again, Megan does the funnest ward prayer nights. She did trick or treat bags for everyone because most of us are to old to go tricker treating
Megan bought some lovely flowers. I thought they were so cool I needed to take a  picture of them.
A beautiful sunrise as Jake and I drove to Vegas eating to many ores....
obsessssed Have you ever had a favorite candy that you were able to buy any where you went, and then they fell off the face of the planet, and never were to be found?! (scarlett remember how we were with these??!) Well that what happened to these jolly racher sours! Seeing these at the Chevron was one of the best things that has ever happened to me! They were the most delicous sour taste. So much joy. I could of turned around after this gas station and gone home and been completely happy.
Tuna was getting tired because we left at 4am to drive to Vegas. He needed to take a nap.
Wahoo! We arrived! It happened to be daylight savings time, so instead of arriving to vegas around noon we got there at ten! We had the entire day! We started off by going to the outlets to find a suit for Jacob for the wedding. We found two he loved and looked so handsome in. Then we ate lunch at the food court and got some Chinese food. Then we headed down to the strip to go do some more shopping!

Caesars Palace is my favorite. The shops at the Forum are great to. And the cheese cake factory! Yum!
The hotels are so fun to look at! I love the themes, lights, roller coasters, food, shopping ext!

Cute Jakey
A day at Vegas cant be complete without  a water show at the Bellagio. Usually they do the water fountains to American pride songs, opera, or romantic songs but this time it was to a popular shina twain country song. I thought that was interesting. Not my favorite combo, but the fountains are great.

The night is nearing, and were hungry for dinner!

Passing the Luxor on our way to Mandalay Bay Buffet.
Round 1.....

Round 2.....

Round 3....and an ice cream cone to go....

 Thats the Mandola Bay Buffet. It was a fun time!
We saw this on our way to go to the aquarium, and walk off some food we just ate!

Jake is a wonderful greeter into the aquarium! The aquarium was decorated so neatly we were loving it!

Here we go! Animals here we come!

ah!!!!!! This massive lizard (comoto dragon) was staring us down. When I would move, just his eyeball would move. I was watching the show "life" by BBC and they had a section on Comoto Dragons. It showed how they are poisonous and will bite a pray 20 times its size. Then they will stock what they bit for weeks until the poison slowly slips into every part of the animals body and it kills them. Then Mr. Comoto Dragon eats all of them. Fur and all.

 This is what I call intense. It would not be my first pick to run into this guy not in his cage.

 These are the neat interiors of the aquarium. We felt like we were in the rainforest!

 Jake loves to touch sting rays. Somehow we have been to a few aquariums together, and this is always one of his highlights.

Giant octopus!

This was the neatest spot in the aquarium! It was like a large ship wreck with tons of windows to look at all the sharks, huge fish, and turtles!!!!!
This is such a scary looking shark!!!!!!

Cute turtle! His face kinda looked like Herbies!

This was Tunas first time to an aquarium. He loved every minute of it. We told him if he was good the whole trip to Vegas, we would get him a treat! I cant wait to show you what he picked out!!!

After a great tiring/party day in Vegas, what better way to end it then go on a roller coaster ride??!? We went to the New York, New York hotel to ride their roller coaster. I dont remember it being as jerky as it was, but it was a blast! 

Vegas Night lights. My favorite.
This boy is my other favorite! Jake and I had so much fun! Jake has only been to Vegas once when we drove threw driving to go visit family.  I think he had a great time! We were so happy to find him some suits, and spend the entire day together for our one year dating anniversary:)
 Jake and I then had a long night of driving home to make it back to church in time! A day in worth it! (Sue, you will have to come next time!) When I got back to my house, Jake had this cute sweater laying in my room for a one year anniversary present! (I always do the "live long and prosper sign" so I thought this sweater was hilarious and so perfect for me!) I put Tuna and his new friends Octavius(Orange octopus) and Pus (gray octopus). Tuna picked out Pus for his treat for being so good the whole time in Vegas. Jake got Octavius for being so good the whole trip. Tuna instantly loved Pus. He wont let Pus wander off anywhere without him.
 I couldn't help but let Tuna and all his friends come in the car ride to go to church! The cool pig pen is from my mom! She got it for me when she was in town! I use it in all my classes! It is a flashlight and snorts. What an amazing combo! I really do love the pen. I always want to make the pig snort in class, but I always with strain myself to not do that. So tempting.
 I thought it looked so pretty outside, I wanted to take a picture!
 Look at all the fall leaves on the ground! So many! I want to make a pile and run and jump in them!
 Bowling night! Neal taught Tuna how to do a headstand.
Look how cool Tuna looks! He is going to be a brake dancing machine in no time!

Game 1

Stacey and Neal went crazy on taking pictures of feet with the camera. This is one of 60.
Game 2

Jake and I up to bowl. I kept getting consistent gutters. That is what I call true skill.
A strike most often always happens when shooting a granny shot.

Homework in between turns is a must!

Game 3

The news letter. We finally were predicted to win a game. And we lost. Thats ok though...thats our plans to fool everyone when we get to the tournament.
For Friday night date night 11/13/10, Jake and I went to go see a star show at the planetarium. Jake was so cute and had a date planned, that we did a year ago to do the same date again. I forgot I was selling crafts a boutique that night of the 5th when we were supposed to go on our date, so we did it on the 13th. It worked out perfect because they had a Harry Potter themed star show because Harry Potter comes out this thursday night at midnight! Technically the 19th. My birthday! I remember when the first Harry Potter came out, it happened to be on the 19th and my parents bought a ton of tickets to take my friends and I to see it, and go out to eat! It is a great memory to this day. Jake was so cute to plan a date that was exactly like one of our first dates when we started dating.
Inside the planetarium. The show is about to begin!

This place is awesome! The show was great!
I thought this was the cutest sign ever. It was in the hall way as Jake and I were walking out of the Erying Planetarium.

We went to go look for the blue lobster, like we did on our original date. He was gone, and replaced with a star fish.

Its time for some new pillows.
I found some pillows on line that I was dying to make, so after the planetarium, Jake and I went to Joanns fabric to pick up some supplies! When then grabbed some Taco Bell to eat while making crafts.

Chuluppa xxl. Thats asking for trouble! It was good though!

Jake intently watching Huntch Back of Notre Dame. Let me just say, that is truly the sadest movie I have ever seen in my life! I was balling at the end of it, and so disturbed during it. It was a harsh movie with some strong themes. I hope I am never mean to someone. Oh such a sad movie.

Pillow number one done!

Three pillows done! and then four more....

Jake and I had a fun shopping spree for some home goods. I got the coolest raindeer! Wahoo.
All my roomates were in my room sitting around talking to eachother. Jake was on the computer trying to get a movie to work and then got up to sit down on the floor. He tried to hop some craft bins I had out and miscaulated, and tripped and hit his head on the bed frame. Poor Jakey. He said he was ok.
Button party!!

My new parents are the best! They are so sweet and thoughtful! They sent me a birthday package that had fun birthday stuff! I am so excited to bake a chocolate cake to eat! This package was so excited! It made me feel like I would be spending my birthday with the Harris's! Thanks!

Jake came and picked me up from school and brought me flowers. Cute boy.

Jake and I finished registering this weekend, so we picked up a pillow at Bed Bath and Beyond to stuff the pillow case to see how it all fit! Tuna likes sitting on the middle of the flower and having someone carry the pillow around.

Jake and I got our engagement pictures back! Mom finished ordering announcements, so now we need to  finish getting addresses!


  1. I definatly miss those sour things. I need to find me some! And you look gorgeous in your pictures. Can't wait for the big day!

  2. oh my gosh can you guys be any more perfect?! i love that you love star wars, too. and all that candy and food, can i have some please? and i hate sharks. AND i LOVE your style... as always, you still have the best fashion sense ever and i adore your engagement photos... top of da line.

  3. LOVE YOUR ENGAGEMENT PREVIEW!!!!!! SO SO SO SO SO CUTE!!!! oh how i miss you kelsey! david says hi and that our turtles need to play soon :) i couldn't agree more!