Bowling League coming to an end...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bowling League was a wonderful time this season! Stacey, Jake and I were able to become part of the Turkey Club. Sadly Neil didn't make the cut, but maybe next season....
Now that Stacey has here bowling shirt on, she is ready to bowl a perfect strike!
This is how you know you are a professional bowler when you know you can take it to the next level.
Sadly, sometimes home work must be done at games. These are Tunas new ponies.  Jake got them for him  for his make believe birthday.

Last game of the season, and Jakes hair is getting long. Tuna loves to be cozy in pockets. Sometimes I wish I was Tunas size.
Cameron was a life savor and came to save the day! He looks good in a chetah fur coat.
We needed four players so Tuna took a turn to.
Tuna infront of the score board. Tuney, Camey, Jakey.
This was a great season of bowling. Maybe next year we will get a trophy to display on our coffee table.

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