Sunday, December 12, 2010

For our ward closing social it was at the person that planned the activites friends cabin. Ok, coolest cabin ever! It had a entire horse stable with a guest house in it! Rad! Jake, Tuna and I went and met every horse and pet them. It was a great time!
Nice horse.
This horse had a lovely braid in its hair.
Tuna petting a horse. Tuna was so excited about this! This was the best surprise he could ever have! He loves ponies! He has four big ponies he plays with all the time. He never knew someday he would be able to meet a real one. Merry Christmas Tuna.
Tuna in the corral. This was a great activity. It was a huge turnout! There was Costa Vida and yummy homemade desserts for treats! There was a fun service auction for canned goods and lots of fun socializing! 

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