Donkey Kong Country Returns- BEST GAME EVER!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

For my 23 birthday, Jake came to pick me up to go to Disneyland, and he handed me this envelope! Inside was.........DONKEY KONG COUNTRY RETURNS! I have never been so excited! I could of skipped Disneyland and went straight to playing the game! (its that good of a game)

For anyone who is a Donkey Kong lover, you MUST get this game. You will not be disappointed it. It is a hard game to beat, but well worth the time you put into it. This game, there is a lot of timing sequences with jumping to different ropes, or off of hot lava, or running away from monkey eating spiders. I feel though the time I put into this game was well rewarded because it really helped my skills for other video games. It really did.

The graphics are amazing for this game. Sometimes it makes the monkeys come close up to the screen or far distant, and it all looks so realistic. (realistic cartoon wise).  If you are having trouble with a game, keep dying until the white monkey comes. He will show you how to beat the game. In fact he will beat it for you, but whats the fun in that? Watch him beat it, and then go back and do it yourself.

On DKCR there are some new kinds of levels. There are ones where you have to ride rockets and weave in and out of levels and they are sooo tuff. I think some of those games I had to play 100 times over and over to pass it.

There are pigs in the games that wave flags and give you clues or allow the white kong to come. They are also the halfway marks. Guess what? Some games have 3 half way marks the game is so intense or long. The pigs are really cute though and cheer you on to dont give up and keep going.

I love this game so much I have played and beat it 3 complete times. I could play this game everyday. It does get stressful. It is a game you have to think about and sit straight up playing. No slouching on this game.

CHEATS: So, I like to beat games and get all the extras, and some were really hard to find becuase there would be 9 hidden puzzle pieces so I cheated. I watched video walk throughs online to help me find all the puzzle pieces. They were also super helpful to because they taught you some skils about jumping and rolling to get to things!

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