Welcome Home!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

When Jake and I got home from our honeymoon, this was on our couch! I was so excited! Jake made a cute sign and got me a pillow pet! I had always joked about getting one and he got me one! I love it. It is really nice that it has options. It truly is a pillow, or a pet.
This is also what we came home to.......right after finals week at school we had to move over all our stuff to our new apartment and had no time to unpack or organize.

While we were on our honeymoon, Jakes mom and Wesley stayed at our place while he was getting ready to leave for the MTC to go on his mission! Wahoo Wesley! Sadly our place was in boxes, but they were the best and stalked up our fridge with food!

Lets not forget the food she got for our cupboards to! That was the best thing ever to come home to!
So.....now is time to organize. We are a little worried at this point everything is not going to fit...
box overload.....Don't mind the sweet apple boarder print.....its growing on me.................
Tuna was so excited to get back to our place because he missed the turtles. So did Jake and I. I am glad the turtles now have an official father figure. They have been eating their own poop a lot lately, and doing some sneaky things. You will see below. I think it will be nice to have another authoritarian figure in their lives.  I cant believe we have had the turtles for over a year now! They are getting so big! Tuna really wanted to hold to turtles so we thought that would be ok. We told him he had to be really gentle. Tuna is holding Herbie in this picture. Tuna was really gentle. He made sure to put out his hand for Herbie to put his head on when he started to come out of his shell.
In this picture Tuna is holding Maxwell. This is a happy team!
OK this is where the sneaky turtle picture comes in! We are not sure who, but one of the turtles dragged this poor guppie by its tails up on the dock to roast in the sun. Actually not a bad idea. Who knew turtles liked grilled fish to? Well this guppie was a huge one so I wanted to know who was planning on eating it. I staked out the aquarium all morning and before I knew it, the fish was gone and I had no idea who ate him. I need to go buy more guppies for the children because this was the last guppie. They had about twenty guppies that kept having babies and more babies, but now there are none.....I am fine having savage children.
Look how innocent they look with that fish chillin on the dock to die....

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