A great Friday!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Today was an awesome day! I got to meet up with my old roommate staceypants down at riverwoods. There we got some yummy treats and subway and made the trek up the canyon to go snowboarding! Wow, so late in the season, and this was my first time going! It was a blast though! When we arrived I had never felt so at home, yet a fish out of the water. The first few runs I was a bit shaky, but after that I tried to find my "swagga" and started to feel more comfortable gliding on the snow! How I miss snowboarding! I must start going my usual 5+ times a week! Maybe.....after a great day at the mountain Stacey and I went to a cute bakery and got  some cup cakes and carrot cake. It was delicious! Cant remember the places name though. Ill have to get that next time I go! Then I came home and so glad, Jakes birthday present had come in the mail! Wahoo! And even better, Jakes mom sent us an awesome Valentines package! It had wonderful candy and fun red and pink surprises! Thanks mom! It even had fun stuff to make Jake a birthday cake! What a great mom! Then Jake helped me unload my gear and we got ready to go to the temple! We had a fun time there and then went to the always delicious, Bombay House! Yum! Today has been a perfect day! Wonderful weather, great food, awesome company! And it all ended with watching some "Boy Meets World" and eating some treats with Donkey Kong.

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