Jakes Birthday Week

Saturday, February 19, 2011

 Wednesday was a great day! I got to spend the morning with Marin! Her and I took a fun trip to Gardner Village to look for some furniture! Last year I went to Gardener Village and found an amazing china hutch. I told my mom I had to have something like this someday. I never knew when I said that, I would be the proud owner of that hutch! I was telling Marin about the hutch and to our surprise it was there and on sale!!!!!!!!!! Best day ever! After Marin and I came back to my place to measure and see if the hutch would fit!
Later that day I was a blog stalker and looked for some fun craft ideas. On a cute blog called "tatertots and jello" I found a cute lamp shade to make. I went to D.I. found a lamp, got a lampshade and spray paint at Walmart and some burlap fabric at Joanns.
While Jake went to school I worked on putting this lamp shade together while watching the show "Clean House." I am loving that show. It makes you want to get rid of all your stuff. Its pretty good. 
Completed the lamp shade! Wahoo! It was fun to make! Maybe I will make another one someday! Now I just need to spray paint the base of the lamp. It snowed all night so it looks like tomorrow I will not be able to spray paint. We will see.
Thursday morning, woke up bright and early because I knew it was going to be a big day. I was shaving my legs and nicked my foot and it would not stop bleeding. Somehow I think with excessive loss of blood, being tired, maybe dehydrated, ext. I passed out in the shower. Luckily Jake was home and knew what to do. He got me out of the shower and elevated my feet. He said it took me a few minutes to wake up. Jake even put a cute scooby doo bandaid on my foot to help me get better soon. Well, with so much excitement, Jake made me eat some sugar and take a nap. With the earlier events, I decided to change the nights dinner menu for Hawaiian Haystacks, to an easy soup and salad. We were having the missionaries over for dinner that night!
Just in time, our cute Anthropologie plates, placemats, seat cushions, bath mat, ext. came in the mail! Wahoo! Cute dinner table here we come! Packages are the funnest to get in the mail! Love them!
The weather outside ended up being a beautiful sunny day! I put some Rhodes rolls out to rise, and spray painted the bottom of the lamp!

Wahoo! Setting the dinner table with all fun new stuff was a blast! Jakes parents were awesome and bought us the rest of the plates we needed for his birthday! Thanks mom and dad!
Ready to eat! Rolls and salad on the table!
Tortilla soup with cheese, avacado, onions and sour cream ready to eat! We had a fun time with the missionaries. One was from Finland and one was from the Dominican Republic. They were cute and sweet. Even sweeter, Jake hand washed ALL the dished and cleaned the kitchen while I did an eyelash client after. We found out our dishwasher is a cool old one that you hook up to the sink with a hose for a water source. We found it easier to wash dishes by hand. Someday I look forward to using a dish washer so clean up after dinner does not seem like hours. Worth it though!
Friday was Jakes birthday! When he left for work, it was time to get the house ready for his birthday! I hung up a happy birthday sign I made last week, and blew up some balloons! I was quite happy how it all turned out! Now time to wrap some presents!
Jake loves cupcakes and carrot cake, so carrot cake cupcakes it was! I cut out little cupcake holder to put the cupcakes in! Next time I need to learn how to make them more straight.
The Anderson's got us a cool dessert decorator we registered for our wedding and I was so excited to try it. Decorating nicely is harder than it looks. I think I maybe got one good looking frosted cupcake in the end, but its ok, I am still learning. Using a frosting gun is fun!
Tuna waiting patiently for Jake to get home from work. 
Jake was so excited when he got home from work! He wanted to open presents!
Jake loves to read! He has been wanting the Percy Jackson series, so found that online! Jake just wanted a relaxing birthday because he feels everything has been so go, go go. True story..So we ordered some yummy pizza!
Jakes brother Cameron came over and joined us! We watched some Japanese anima movies and played nintendo. While the boys played nintendo, I ate a box of Oreos and finished some pillows I had started on earlier that day. For one of my classes I have to start a home based business and I just realized....I need to get started on that and actually have some products to sale! 
Saturday was a great day! Tuna slept inside his pillow pet Unis. We all  slept in till 11,  and then watched some Fringe! That show is to scary for me so I feel back asleep. Then we ate some lunch, got ready for the day and then took a nap again till three. Finally we officially got up for the day and went to head out for some adventures!

Our first stop on the list was Gardner Village. I wanted to show Jake this cool chest I saw that we were thinking of maybe getting for a coffee table. We ended up finding the cutest lime green couch and bought it! It was surprisingly a great price and we didn't have to pay for shipping because our hutch was being shipped to! Wahoo! Life is great! So excited to get those all! We are so excited to have a full size couch!

Then we headed up to Salt Lake. There we went to the Gateway. Then we went to eat dinner at the Red Iguana but the line was so long, we decided to head back home and went to Gurus! Oh there sweet potato fries are so dang good!!! And the dipping sauce as well!

When we got home, I promised Jake I would play some xbox with him. Didnt love the game, but it was fun. I am a mario, donkey kong girl for life. Then we watched the Naked Gun 3 and 1/3. That was fun! Those movies are funny.
We told Tuna earlier that day he could have a pony party. So we rounded up all of his eight ponies for the party. We all watched "My Little Pony" movie. It was great! I learned from the movie that Unicorns are good luck. Then we ended the evening with a pony puppet show.
Sunday morning, got ready for church, ate some chocolate chip pancakes and walked outside to some snow falling and a white wonderland! 
Heels and snow don't mix, so we drove to church. Ice ice baby. After church we made some yummy pesto chicken, bacon, cheese quasidillas. Then we did a little house cleaning, nintendo playing, brownie eating, watched flight of the Navigator and skyped with the families. Great day!

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  1. That was the best post! Happy birthday Jake! There was so much info and I had so many thoughts along the way- but I've forgotten most of them- except that I'm dying over all your beautiful kitchen goodies! The colored pots and pans, the beautiful dishes- the blues and yellows- the style- WOWWEEEEEE! Looks like your house style is just as spunky as your clothes fashion :) You are amazing kels!