An Eventful Week!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Well this has been quite a week for us! It has been a great time! On Sunday we were realizing the turtles were getting a little to sleepy in their tank and needed a new set up to play in. It was hard to capture them on the turtle dock with out jumping off. Water is their comfort and so they jump in any time someone walks in the room.

I always think it is so cute how the turtles like to sit on each other. I think it is to get warmer? The turtles love to be cozy.
Our landlord took a trip to Hawaii, and she brought us back some yummy treats! Thank you!
On our date night on Saturday when we were at the mall, I got some earrings. Tuna thought since I got to wear some to church, he could to. I think pearls look nice on him.
Jakes hair is getting longer and he is loving it. He wants a long pony tail. Maybe someday, but this is a great start.
Sunday treats are always the best! Jake and I made some Oreo cookies with St. Patricks day frosting and then took some to his brother Cameron. It was fun to visit with him. After we took some to my old roomies. It was fun to catch with them! Megan had strep throat. Poor girl. Emily had boughten alot of fun new dishes! She always does that and I love it. Stacey introduced us to the best Texas tortillas.
On Sunday I got an awesome call from Aimee! Ah I love that girl! She is the best.  She was telling me about a time when her and Brandon went to Betos for a late night yummy food trip. That was making me crave it! So, on Monday Jake and I had our two month mark of being married! Wahoo! We made it two months! Well, Jake came home from lunch and brought Betos home! Oh how I love carne asada burritos! Jake got an az burrito. Such a yummy lunch!

Monday night, of course watched The Bachelor! Jake and I love that show! I am dying to know how it all ends next week! Next Monday cant come soon enough! Jake thinks that Brad is not ready for a kid yet and so he thinks Brad will pick Shontel. I could see that. I just really love Emily, and I hope she gets a cute new family and a loving father for Ricky. Well see........Also, I want to know who is going to be the next Bacholorette for the next seasons show!
Tuesday was an awesome morning! I got to meet Kami and Devon up at Gardner Village for some yummy breakfast at the neighborhood bakery! All of our items were delicious! It was a blast to catch up and talk to these girls! I feel I haven't seen them in forever and it was great to catch up! They were so sweet, and got Jake and I the cutest Pottery Barn gift! These girls are the best!
What a cute presentation! Oh Love it all! After playing with the girls I headed up to Salt Lake to go to the HomeGoods store. There were some bowls I wanted that they were supposed to get in, but they did not come so I just had fun looking around and got a cute cake platter. I never realized how awesome serving dishes are!
When I got home, I was so excited about Devon and Kamis present I had to set the table! They gave us the cute glasses and place mats! Love them!

After a bite to eat, I was off to my one class a week. I am currently in a cooking class. I really like the class, but some how my teacher and I got in quite the quarrel this week. I got chewed out in front of the whole class. It was exciting. After I talked to the teacher and we laughed....we cried..and hugged, and life was better. It all ended up ok.

When I came home, things got even better because Jake had gotten Rubios! We love their tacos! Half off Tuesdays are our favorite!
Wednesday I was getting antsy to make some craft projects! Since March officially is National Craft Month, I had to get my craft on! I would recommend it to others. It is fun! So I went on some fabric store adventures to get some fun fabrics to get working on some projects! After I got home from the fabric store on Wednesday, I never left the house until Friday to play with Staceypants. Sometimes I get a little to addicted to making things.

l love snowboarding with Stacey! She is the best! She packed us some yummy pumpkin bread for us to eat on our adventure to the snow. On our way up to the mountain we got to talk and rap and it was the best. Lets not forget that we got front row parking to!!! In all my snowboard adventures I have never gotten or been in a car that has gotten front row parking. That is sure a way to start the day off great! Friday was an awesome spring riding day! I love slushy snow! I think it may be my favorite! I feel you can go so fast and ride hard. These were two pictures I found from a few weeks ago on a big powder day!This is me face planted in the snow on a nice powder day. Stacey could not find me. It was fun! We were up on Ninetynine90 and it was  heaven! I felt like I was Jeremy Jones riding spines.....Yet this face plant proves I am not.
This is cute Staceypants! She is up to her knees in powder! This was on our secret run where the snow had not been touched. I cant talk about it anymore though because this run is so secret.

When I got home, Jake had just gotten home from work! He told me horrible news! Rumor has it that all the Bajhos is Utah are being bought out by Costa Vida. I do like Costa Vida, but Bajhos offers yummy green chille chicken casdillias, they have shrimp and you can get chimichangas. We decided we are eating at Bajhos once a week until the change happens, and we will savor every bite knowing it may be our last.
After a yummy meal, we drove up to Salt Lake for the nights events! We had some extra time before the nights event so we went over to Gateway mall! Jake was so sweet and bought me a new dress! We also got an awesome butter bell and a couple of bowls. The butter bell we greatly needed for morning toast! Thanks Jake! (Oh yes, and this is Tunas new friend Pokey the sloth. I like his nose. Jake has an obsession with buying beanie babies off ebay these days. I guess "friendship does not have a price."-quote by Jake) Cute boy.

Wahoo!! We are here at DISNEY ON ICE! When watching The Bachelor we saw a commercial for Disney on Ice! We knew we had to go! A cute boy sat behind us and he was so excited for the show. He kept leaning over and was loving every minute! I dont blame him!
The show had lots of fun Disney Characters in it! It was fun! We really liked the show except for the 2nd and 3rd scene. They were kind of weird, but the others were great! Miney had the most fabouls Christmas dress I want. She was so cute in it! Maybe Ill make one someday....
At the end the Toy Story Charters came to say hello. The pig was cracking us up! He was on four skates and would dance around and was a hoot.

On our way home we stopped by Target to get one of Jakes favorite drinks. It kind of tastes like the "orangina" drinks. We also got him the new Pokemon game for his DS. He has been wanting that, so thats what he got for his treat!

When we got home, we had to finish our last of the Batman movies. It was Batman 1966. It was hilarious. I was cracking up the whole time. The fake shark was my favorite part. I feel asleep after that. I think we are just about done with watching all of the Batman movies ever made!
Saturday was a great day! While Jake worked on some projects, I got to do some sewing. After we headed up to go to the Hogle Zoo! I have been wanting to come here for some time, so it was exciting to get to go! To start off the day, Tuna wanted to touch the elephants tusk. I think a real elephant would feel more wrinkly. It was a colder day than anticipated and so we got to wear big coats. Hope the animals are not frozen.

We got to see alot of neat animals! Here are some that we saw that were quite entertaining.
Jake and I thought this was the first time we had ever seen rhinos at a zoo? Pretty neat! Go Utah!
I like the animal dagger teeth shown in this picture.
A large tortoise!
Cool bird with one leg! 
A cute sloth.
Tortise toes. Look at those long lovely toe nails.
Cool bats!
This bat makes all bats cute. "These bats were so active crawling all over each other eating. So cool."- Jake
The zoo had a lot of turtles! All different kinds! These ones had cute faces!
Mini Crocodile. His eyes were closed until Tuna started looking at him.  Someday I would like to buy a miniature creature like this. I might be a little scared if I was in the pool with it.
Sleeping Tortoise.
These are called pancake turtles! They look like pancakes. I guess they can climb chimney styles up walls and they hide up in rocks. 
Cool Tigers! There were five tigers and they were all super active. They were walking around and playing and having a great time.
A giraffe garage door.
This zoo had the coolest Giraffe center. It was the "quite zone" of the zoo. You got to get so close and personal with these four Giraffes. It was neat how each of them had such different patterns on their skin.
The feeding room had two different levels, and you could hang out on the bottom, or climb the stairs to the top and watch the giraffes from above.
Great eyelashes! Perfect for eyelash extensions!
This is the cute new dress Jake got me last night!
I think the camels may of been my favorite animals we saw at the zoo. This camel was eating food on his two front knees. It was cute.
Tuna thinks he is going to grow up to be a gorilla now...
This monkey was a hilarious. He was sitting in front of the glass and being quite the entertainer. If I were a monkey, I think him and I would be really good friends.
Heading back to the entrance of the zoo, the elephants were eating. For some reason Shakira music was playing loudly while they ate. Maybe that was to calm the elephants from the pedestrians. I think I will now eat meals only listening to Shakira as well. A smart idea.
This peacock was trying to get a girl birds attention. He would shake his feathers and push them all forward. It made a shuttering sound. Sadly, they girl walked away. Poor bird, maybe next time.
Cutest turtle I have ever seen!
Tuna look out!
The zoo had cool play places! I don't think this cute prairie dog knows Jake is behind him. Glad he didn't get scared. We will defiantly be coming back to this zoo! We had a great time!
Right across the street from the zoo was a monument we thought we would go take a look at. From what I learned this is where Brigham Young and the pioneers entered into the Salt Lake Valley and said, "This is the Place" because that is where the Lord reveled to him the saints should settle.
I hope there was a pretty sun starting to set when they arrived after a hard, long trek. I can imagine being a pioneer. Those were some tuff cookies!

After looking around, we headed over to HomeGood store and TJMax to look for some bridal shower gifts for some I get to go to this week. I am excited! We found some super cute gifts! Then we got Taco Bell to hold our appetites over till we picked up some yummy take out PF Changs.
Driving home it was pitch black, except for one part of the sky. It was a bright blue with lots of clouds. It was beautiful, we had to pull over and take a picture.

When we got home we ate some yummy PF Changs with lots of Spicy Plum Sauce and put on a movie. We watched "The Last Unicorn" while I finished up some crafts. It was the cheeset movie I had ever seen. It was great! Then we watched "The button of Doom" from Megagmind. It was a cute little 10 minute show! It was a great day!
Sunday, church was great! I really am enjoying my ward more and more! There are some really great people in it.  There is a really cool Sunday School teacher that is a teacher at BYU and is into middle eastern studies. It makes learning the New Testament really cool. He has a lot of great insight and background information. After church we had some yummy left overs and did a little cleaning up of the house. It was covered in crafts.
A week of crafts.........It is National Craft Month! I must make more!

After eating, we got to sykpe with Jakes parents! We get to go visit them soon! I am so excited to see them and play with them! They are always a blast!
This is Jakes Pokemon game he got! He is excited to play it! He started to play it after a yummy dinner of salmon and of course.....Spicy Plum Sauce! I love relaxing Sundays! This has been a fantastic week! I am loving that the sun is starting to shine and spring is coming!

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  1. Oh my I had a million comments going through my head the whole time as usual but it was such a good long post I forgot most of them..... except I could never forget Jake's ponytail- that was REALLY funny! and very impressive :) so Disney on Ice, the zoo AND the Last unicorn?? Mallory should have been tagging along with you that week- she would have been in heaven. and I had no idea you were into the Bachelor! You know aub and I are obsessed right? we must talk about the finale.....