March Madness!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sunday night it was finally time to trim Jakes beard. We both wanted to see how long his beard could get but with a presentation at work the next day, time to look sharp! Jake thinks he is so manly when he shaves his beard with out a shirt on? 
For family night on Monday we started it off with some yummy PF Changs take out! We got crab wantons and were loving the dipping sauce! 
Well, this has also been an exciting week for Tuna. Not only did he get Jerry, his new friend, but another monkey named Muffin. They all looked so cute looking at the turtles from behind.

Hawaiian Haystacks are some of the best left overs ever! I ate this almost every day this week! Yum!!! 
Jakes mom is the best! She always sends the funnest holiday packages! Thanks mom! There is nothing better than holiday candy!
Look at my awesome new holiday socks! Ill be wearing these everyday this month! (pants are tucked in the socks........or I have a really large left ankle bone)
This week was full of making tons of crafts! I finished up 16 pillows and 10 notebook reusable covers. It was a fun time, and also left the living room a mess...and still is. Thats ok, though, time to make more crafts! For one of my classes this semester I have to start an online website and sell products. I thought for this to happen, I better make some products to sale?
Date night was a blast! After taking a wonderful Saturday Nap, Jake and I headed off to PF Changs to get some yummy food! Some family friends got us a gift card to PF Changs for our wedding and we have been loving eating yummy food with it! Thanks Pete and Cauti! While we were at Mr. Changs, we got crab wontons again. We found out the amazing sauce was called "spicy plum sauce." Jake was pouring it on his rice, his shrimp and slurping it down. I guess you could say the sauce was great!

After a yummy dinner we headed to the dollar movies to see "MegaMind!" Jake and I were both surprised at how cute of a movie it was. We laughed, we cried and had a great time! I think that is one we will have to buy for sure! I was excited because we got popcorn with lots of butter at the movie! I guess that is why this month is March Madness. You start to do crazy things..........
One of the greatest things that has happened to Utah state! YOGURTLAND!!! Tonight was grand opening! We were so lucky to see this on our way home! It was delicious!!!
Oh yes, between dinner and a movie we made a pit stop.........I have had my eye on this cute ring and Jake took me to go get it! Wahoo! I love it! Thanks Jakey!
Oh yes, Jake decided he is a better hand model for this ring.......

This is the side of it. Now time to watch the rest of the Batman movies! Wahoo! Batman Movie Marathon here I come!

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  1. uh- I'm noticing a slight obsession with PF Changs and Yogurtland..... although I certainly can't blame you. That ring is so beautiful too!