a good drive home, and a fun rest of the week!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wednesday we left to leave back home. I was sad to leave my mom and my sister. I always love more time to play with them! For Tuna and Andrews treat at Disneyland they got to pick out a toy to share. They both agreed on Beeker. Tuna really likes his hair, and Andrew likes his cool lab coat. They played with him the whole ride home. Hope he isnt feeling to overwhelmed..... On our way back home, we got to stop in Vegas again! I had bought a skirt and bought the wrong size! So luckily they had the right size to exchange it with! For lunch we got to eat at "Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man." It was wonderful! When I used to live in NY that restaurant was right across from my apartment and brought back some fun memories! I miss you NY!
Jake got a yummy steak panai sandwich with sweet potato fries! 
Momma Harris got a yummy spicy avocado salad! 
I got a turkey bacon sandwich. This was only half of it. It was so big the whole plate would not fit in the picture....yum!
And the best part about Max Brenners is the great deserts! They have fresh, rich chocolate flavors of all kinds. Its fun to go there in a group and get fondue! Mom got a strawberry crepe.
Jake and I got a chocolate cake full with a carmel heart. 
Tuna got a chocolate shake.

Isn't this funny? This was in the boys bathroom!
Well, by the time we got home, it was late. Dad Harris was there to great us home. Jakes parents are staying with us till the end of the week! We have some fun things planned.

On Thursday and Friday, mom and I got to go to Women's Conference together! I was so excited I got to go, because I have always wanted to go since my young women years. It was fantastic! It was a great two days full of yummy food, great lessons and talks! We got to hear from many wonderful speakers. It was so fun to go spend time with my mother in law and have some fun adventures with just her and I.

This was the theme for Women's Conference this year. Many of the speakers touched on it.  Many things were mentioned by doing the important everyday things like ironing, laundry, packing lunches, eating good meals, reading scriptures, having good prayer, excersize, ext. were the most important things we could be doing and by doing them, really great things can happen. We got to hear from Elder Bednar and his cute wife and they gave some great examples of this. It was good reminder to me on the importance to just take life one day at a time, do you best, and live it up!

We got to hear Stephanie Neilson and 3 of her cute sisters speak! I tried to find a picture of all of them together, but didn't find one! They were the cutest girls! It was so great to hear each of their testimonies and hear each of them share experiences from their lives. They were really inspirational and really made me think about what is my purpose in life. It is so crazy how we all were sent to earth to do different things. We all have different talents, challenges and purposes. Its beautiful. These girls were fantastic.
Here is Elder Bednar! A wonderful man! After Women's conference on Thursday, we made dinner(mini pizzas and salad), and then headed over to BYU with the boys to go see the Carl Bloch exhibit.

These two pictures are two of my favorite ones that were displayed there. I think his art work is truly magnificent. I think he really depicted Christ in a beautiful way. His paintings were huge, and so 3 diminutional. They were amazing!

At the end of the museum you could go into another room and they had this really neat display. It was huge to! It is all made of books! After the exhibit the books are all being donated to help children learn to read and have their own book.
We were trying to figure out how it was made, and if it was hollow? 
Well, what ends a great night? Yes, "The Chocolate!" Dad was so excited he got his own cazookie and the rest of us shared one :)
Friday after Women's Conference, Jake was so cute and made us all dinner! He made salmon, rice, and salad. It was great! Then we all had a relaxing night! I caught up on some crafts and we all watched "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." Best movie ever!
Saturday was a great day! It was a little bit snowy but was a fun day! It started off at going to one of my all time favorite places, "Gardner Village." We got to look at the Shops and even go to the fabric store! Wahoo! I was in heaven. I love fabric to much...
We got to go to the bakery and get some yummy treats!

After Gardner Village....we got to go look at some bikes and do some bike shopping!!!!!!!! Ok for so long I have been wanting a really nice street bike! So with dad here who is an avid rider I needed his biking advice! And he owed me one since I had the Afikomen. Just kidding..he was sweet to take me! Also, mom and Jake want a bike to, so we all went to learn some things about bikes! So I found one I really really want!  Now I have a goal in mind of the bike..and the price, so now I just need to earn the money to get it! 
I felt buff holding this bike with only one arm......lets just pretend we didn't know the bike only weighed five pounds...
After a fun day we got to meet up with moms friend Debbie and cute kids, Lydia and Jacob. We got to eat at the "Blue Lemon." It was great!
I got a raspberry chicken salad!
Jake got black bean ravelollie! Then we headed home because Jake and I had a wedding reception to go to for my cousin Taylor and her new husband! They looked great! It was fun to see them and other family I have not gotten to see for quite a long time!
While we were gone at the reception, Cameron was a gem and wanted to clean our turtles! He scrubbed all four of them and gave them a bath! That ment so much to me! The turtles look so clean and happy! Thanks Cameron! Mom also helped and started making treats for our Sunday School class! When we got home from the reception Jake and I finished up the treats and prepared our lesson for the following day!

Sunday our cute parents took off to go back home. We gave our lesson, passed our treats around the neighbor hood, watched a movie and fell asleep early! It was a wonderful week! Thanks Mom and Dad Harris for a great time! We love you!

I am exited for May to come tomorrow!

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