Friday, April 22, 2011

Well, this has been quite an adventurous week leading up to Graduation! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I cleaned lots and made tons of crafts! I have been on a kick of making Ipad covers! They turned out sooo cute! Jakes mom came into town on Wed. with her cute sister Janet to do some house shopping. They sold there home and are officially moving to Utah! Wahoo! So, Wednesday night I got to go eat with them and Cameron and go to Cafe Rio. It was great. Then we all had a fun sleep over party! In the morning Janet made creeps! A great way to wake up in the morning!

Thursday I continued to make more Ipad covers. Then Mom and Janet came to get me out of the house for a while to have a fun Walmart adventure! Janet was so cute and made us a fun Easter Basket with lots of goodies! Thanks Janet!

Tuna should try out for the next Americas Next Top Model. He has so many different looks. He looks really cute in the easter cup.
Jake was so excited about the Easter basket! 
Happy early Easter present! Thanks Jake! Friday was a great day and sadly no pictures! I got to make the cutest mini wallets all day, and go to "The Chocolate" twice! I got to play with my friend Marin and catch up with her! I miss seeing here! Then later that night, Jake and I got to meet up with Stacey at "The Chocolate" for a cazookie! It was wonderful! She is a hoot! love that girl!
Saturday morning started bright and early! There was lots to be done. Jake had a big test that day, and so did I to finish school for FOREVER! We woke up and had a egg burrito breakfast and then on to making cookies! I made oreo cookies for our class! Colored frosting is always so much fun! Making alot of cookies reminded me of the times in college I would make many oreo cookies and end up eating most of them with the roomies. Great times!
Jakes test went great..we hope (thank you everyone for your prayers and love) and mine went great to! Then Jake and I grabbed some lunch at costco and did some errands and headed up to Park City.
We got to meet up with Mom and Janet! We had a fun time walking Main Street and looking at the shops. 
Cute Ladies.
Super cute armadillo. Super cute boy. I will take both home.
Tuna has always wanted a real pony.
Dinner time! 
We went to a yummy sushi restaurant! It was fun! Jake got a weird soup. I don't remember what it was called but, he loved it. It was suprisingly good.
Sunday was a fabouls day! Our Sunday School lesson went well, I hope......Lets say the cookies went over tooo well.....and it was a fantastic Sunday! Jake and I were bums and watched movies and ate candy all day. It truley was a dream Sunday!
Monday was a great day of getting things done! I got to do lots of grocery shopping and get yummy Jambas and Great Harvest Pumpkin Chocolate chip bread for Jake and I! Then we headed off to the church to do some cleaning! It was really fun! We got to clean the chapel! I think it was great to clean the chapel because it makes me want to be more respectful to the church building and make sure to always keep it clean.
After, we were hungry again and feasted at the always good McDonalds. Then we watched "Just Friends." Hilarious.

Like Monday, and Wednesday,  on Tuesday I was feeling so sick! It ok though, we got Rubios for dinner! Yum! Their fish tacos are the best!!!!
Wednesday was wonderful! As I threw up all day( was not felling to well) and watched Signified, I was so excited for mom to come into town! Jake got to come with me to pick her up at the airport! We got to go to dinner at the Corner Bakery! We love that place!!! It was fantastic! They always have the best sandwiches! After a yummy dinner we headed home to go watch American Idol! Mom is quite the American Idol fan, for all 10 years. It was fun to watch it with her.

After Ido and Americas Next Top Model we went to "The Chocolate!" We are not obsessed.........but it is really really good! Mom loved it! Who couldn't!?!

Thursday I got to go shopping with mom! (Thai Pan of course! She loves it there) Got pioneer clothes for moms trek, went on a walk, went to my teachers house to drop off some bread! Then when we got home, Jakes parents were there with Cameron! They were so sweet and got me a graduation gift! They got me the cutest giraffe candle holders I really wanted! Dads sister Christi and her husband Doug were so sweet and got me a cook book! Not any cook book, the cutest one ever! My mom and I spent hours that night looking at it, and so we went and got my mom on the next day! Amazing! Mom got me some cute turtle items and a turtle little jewelry box! She is always so cute! Then off to commencement!
Can you find Heather and I in this crowd? 
After marching campus, we came to the Marriott Center. Elder Scott spoke! He did a great job! It was so nice to have my family there and sit by Heather! Icing on the cake! 
Wahoo!!! I did it! I don't feel like I have graduated yet...

a tip to the cap for a kiss...
After graduation we headed over to Happy Sumo for dinner! Sadly, Cameron could not come because he had to clean and pack up his apartment for the white glove in the morning. Dinner was delicious! Thanks everyone for a great day!
Of course after dinner, it was treats and TV marathon! 
Friday was the big day for graduation to walk and get your fake diploma! (The real one comes in the mail.) Here I am after walking, hoping not to fall off the stage. The picture is blurry because I would not stop moving with excitement.

Wahoo! did it! I thought I was going to trip on stage.....It all went great! No trips for anyone!
During the ceremony I got to sit by some friends from my major! Lauren Lea, myself and Heather! So exciting!

Tuna was such a great son and waited patiently during the whole ceremony. It was fun to see friends graduate and see people from my classes! It was a wonderful time! Thank you so much for everyones love and support!

After, everyone left there separate ways, mom and  I went to the BYU bookstore to get some goodies. Then we ate lunch, went to Costco and came home! What a great day!
When we walked in the door, Jake had a super cute easter basket for me full of my favorite kind of things! The eggs were all full of big Cadbury creme and carmel eggs! Yum!! Best husband ever! What a great graduation! Thanks everyone! Wahoo for school being done! Congratulations to anyone else who graduated today to!


  1. Congrats! Im so happy for you! Love you!

  2. I love the picture of Jake kissing the graduate. Rip that hat right off!