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Monday, May 16, 2011

This week has been a blast! We got to do tons of fun things and hang out with a lot of friends which we usually don't get to do! Monday was a great day! For Family Home Evening we got to play a game! My sister Amber rocks because for Christmas, she made us all these super elaborate and way fun FHE kits! They are full of lesson plans and activities! It is wonderful! We use them almost every week! 
Tuesday was an exciting day! Jake and I got a package in the mail from my dad! Growing up my dad would go to California when he was starting a business there and he would always bring all my sisters and I back new In and Out Shirts! It was always the best! Him and my mom went to In and Out and saw that they had black shirts now, so my dad got Jake  and I some! I am so excited to sport the AZ shirt! The super cute thing about my dad is he got us one of every size to make sure we would have one that would fit! Dads are the best! Not only did he send it in a cute package wrap, he wrote us a great note with a surprise in it!

Tuesday Jake and I also got to go to our traditional Rubios for dinner! Even though we knew we had a church activity in an hour with dinner, we were hungry before so we made a pit stop to Rubios! Later that night our Ward had a Mothers Day activity. They got catered food for all the women in the ward. It was so fun to have a second yummy dinner that night and hang out with some of the women in our ward. I really like our ward! Jake was a trooper and helped set up tables, serve food and clean up!
My new mothers day shoes! Thanks Jake! I love them! I had a few shoes I have had my eye on and Jake picked these ones out for me for mothers day! He is such a sweet boy!
I am obsessed with the fabric store and cant stop going......I am becoming out of control. Wednesday night I was on a roll sewing and having a great time! All week Jake  and I have been looking forward to Wed. so we could watch "Americas Next Top Model! I was sad to see Hannah go. She was my favorite. I felt she was defiantly the sweetest and nicest girl on there!

I want this outfit....It is fantastic!

Thursday Jake and I got to go play with some of his friends at Justin and Melinda's. They put on an awesome bbq! It was fantastic! Amazing guacamole, deserts, brawts, chicken, hamburgers, grilled pineapple,...the spread was endless. After we all caught a 9:30 show of FAST FIVE at Thanksgiving Point. It was the first time I saw a movie there! So I warned Jake of my obsession with Vin Diesel..but I don't know if he knew what he was in for. I am still talking about him everyday! So we heard the movie was good, but that is under-rated! It was awesome!!!!! I think about it constantly! Fast cars, huge scams, racing, lets just say it made steeling 11 million a piece really appealing. Just kidding...Anyways it was an awesome action movie! We are buying that one for sure! Now it is time for a Fast and Furious movie marathon till Fast Five comes out of video to watch it again!

So serious...

Friday was a great day! When Jake got home from work we were able to go do a temple session. That was great! After we went to our favorite J-Dawgs for dinner! I got extra jalepenos and sauce and it was delicious! Then we headed over to Nickel City! I have always wanted to go there and was so glad I finally got to go! It is so fun! Every game only costs 5 cents! You pay a $2.75 cover charge for person and then we bought a $5 bag of nickels! We played games for about hour and a half! It was a great time! After we even got to take our tickets to the front desk and buy prizes! We had 482 tickets!
With our tickets Tuna picked out a 300 ticket egg, and Jake and I got an airhead and laffy taffy.
Driving home, or course we went to YOGURT LAND! We love that place to much! It is so delicious! Then Jake said, want to stop at Best Buy? Then I said, yea that sounds fun! It probably was a bad thing that we went....Well we demoed a Nientedo 3D and were liking it! Have I ever said Jake loves Pokemon and plays it all the time on his handheld Nietendo? Well, he thought it was time for me to get one! So we bought the 3D gameboy! I thought this Pirates of the Caribbean game looked great! Let me tell you, it is a blast! They Lego characters are hilarious! They need to make full length Lego movies! I am loving the game! When we got home Friday night we played Nienendo till the wee hours of the night. 
Saturday we got to sleep in! We made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast! Then got ready to go out and do some errands. Before we left...It was time to put Tunas egg in water, and wait for it to hatch!
Tuna threw his egg in the water. Now time to wait...and wait...and wait..for it to hatch. What ever could be inside?
On our drive up to Salt Lake. We got to stop at Gardner Village, and then Pottery Barn at Trolley Square to pick up a Galvanized Metal 3 Tier Stand I wanted to put crafts on! Then we went to the Apple Store because I was not to smart of a cookie and put the San Disk from the Camera into the CD drive on the computer and got it stuck. They were able to help at the store and used tape to get it out!
For dinner we had Burger King! It was really good!
When we got home, Tuna was dying to see if his egg had any progress! The outer shell was starting to crackle. Then we made brownies and planned our lesson for tomorrows Sunday School lesson.
Oh of more stop to the fabric store...
Sunday morning we got to wake up to this! I couldn't sleep well and woke up at 6:00 am, so I got to listen to General Conference online and do some things around the house. Church went great! I really like our new ward! Sunday School went well. We even had two kids visiting that their family is investigating the church.

After church Jake and I made dinner and then headed over to a park. We brought our gameboys and got to sit and enjoy the sunshine! Then it got cold, so we headed home! When we got home I was so tired I feel asleep! When I woke up I got to eat brownies and talk to my dad on the phone! It was great!

I am excited to see what is inside Tunas egg. It is taking a lot longer than I thought it would to hatch.
Have you tried these new Reeses? They are super cute and defiantly mini! I don't love them though because the peanut butter does not seem to thick. Jake loved them though and finished off the bag.
Monday May 16, 2011 has been a great day! I have been sewing big bows all day! I love sewing bows! Tonight is Staceypants going away party, so I got to make some treats for it! I felt pink frosting was perfect for the occasion. I am excited to see Stacey tonight, but sad to see her go!

All matching girls! I love seeing my friends! Jake likes when I see my friends to becuase he says I am always extra happy and extra nice after I get to play with my friends! Jake and I got to go to Staceys going away fiesta and we are sad to see her go. She is the best. Megan was so sweet and gave me a graduation gift! She got me the funniest card I need to take a picture of and it sings a song! and a Jamba gift card! My favorite! I have the greatest friends! They all make me feel so great! I told Megan about my new Nitendo. She was so excited for me. I love talking to Megan about Nitendo because she gets it. She knows how I feel.
Well, I feel the person to be most sad about Staceypants leaving is Tuna. He asked her to give him a good bye kiss. I am glad Tuna has a locket with Staceys picture in it to hold him over till she gets back. Stacey you will be missed! We love you!

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