Percy Jackson Series

Friday, May 13, 2011

I cannot say enough good things about the Percy Jackson series. Rick Riordan is the one who made reading fun for me. I found all of these books thrilling, clever, well thought out, and exciting. One thing I loved about this series is that is follows Greek Mythology. I feel Rick Riordian did a great job depicting Greek Gods and making it into fun stories. I feel he really did his research to write these books and you can tell that in his writing. I LOVED all the characters.  Percy, Tyson, Annabeth, Grover, all of them are great and relatable. I think one thing I love about Rick Riordans books is the minute you open them, they are action packed the entire time! There is never a dull moment. For example, I read this entire series in four days. I did not want to stop reading, and wished there were more of these books. (Now there is his Last Olympian series that is just as good and follows these books in chronological order).  I also feel when I read his books, I am not confused. They are easy to follow along, but still leaves you asking questions wanting to find more.

This whole series has an underlying plot that is carried throughout till the last book. Each book could stand alone and be a great book on its own, but reading them all together makes this series a gem! The first book Lightning Thief has a fun movie to go with it that I like. It doesn't have the Kronos theme in the movie but would recommend seeing it after you read the books! I would love for my kids to read this series several times. I feel they are relatable to anyone, full of cool facts and history and extremely entertaining. All I can say is, I love these books, I love Rick Riodians books and thats all. Go read them!

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