Seder Service!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

After a great day of graduating! wahoo! We were on our way for dinner to go to the Seder Service. On our way to the building we were supposed to be at, we couldn't help but love all the beautiful trees around! So pretty! A painter named Carl Bloch who is known for his paintings of Christ were in the Moa Museum on campus! Mom really wanted to see it but all the tickets were sold out. Since we were in front of the building we decided to go threw it and they said we could go see the paintings! We only had five minutes to get to the Seder Service in time, but that was ok because this museum was worth seeing! Mom loved seeing the huge beautiful paintings of Christ! She was so excited and overwhelmed. They really are amazing! So three minutes later....we sprinted to the Wilkinson building and made it on time to the service.
Last year Jake and I got to go to a Seder Service at BYU, and this year with family in town, they all got to come to! Wahoo! It made it even better! Ok so what is Seder Service? A really neat thing! It is a holiday celebrated by the Jewish Religion. It is a time of tradition, celebration, and waiting for Elijah to come. This holiday is celebrating the passover. ( I think you can right click that and open it as a url?)
If you want to know alot of information about Seder Service, you can look at last years Seder Service post and it will go into large detail about all the neat traditions of this service. Here dad is breaking the Matzah bread that will be the Afikomen that is passed secretly around the table. At the end, the Afikomnen has to be paid for and bought by the man of the table. This symbolizes Christ death, and how we were each bought and paid for by his sacrifice. At the end of the service, guess who had the Afikomen??! ME! So, I put up a hard bargain.....for dad to take me bike shopping and teach me the ropes of street bikes!
The part of the service that seems most memorable to all is the tasting of the bitter herbs. Bitter herbs are a con-caution of horse radish and other hot items that make the mouth and throat burn. What ever you take of the bitter herbs on your plate is supposed to be all eaten......As you can see from eating the bitter herbs Camerons face is on fire and dad in the background is making quite the face. 
This is not my favorite part of the meal....I only ate a little bit of it....
Each year, the family having a Seder Service will have a table of items. This is what it could look like. Each item has symbolic meaning.
Tuna came to! We had him on the table and a guy on another table said he knew some of Tunas family of rally monkeys.  That was a great treat! Since Tuna stuck his head in this picture we had to take another one.
Left white stuff is the bitter herbs. Don't let appearance fool you. This is no apple sauce. Bread is Matzah, and the brown chunky stuff is called Hillel and its really yummy! It is an apple tasting item.
Next is the large meal! It was a chicken with veggies and traditionally made potatoes. I don't remember the name for them..
Last but not least, Deserts! Of course...we were full and could not eat them all and mom wanted to bring them home! They had no to go boxes, so mom remembered a better idea! She had a bag of m&m's in her purse and so she emptied the bag of them into her purse and filled the bag with the brownies! My mom is hilarious! I love her so much!
M&M's in the purse! Cutest mom ever! Well, the Seder Service was great, but it went over on the time till about 10:30 pm, so we raced home to meet my cousins that were coming over to show my mom their new baby and say hello!
Now back at our place, mom got to meet Brooklyn! She was loving her! I do admit....she is a super cute baby! She has so much hair and beautiful big blue eyes! 
The happy fam!
So cute! Mom loves holding Brooklyn! She seriously was such a good baby! Thanks Mitch and Rochelle for bringing her over! We love you guys! Now it is time to pack up for California and wake up at four am to leave! Disneyland here we come!

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