a stop to Vegas, off to California! and lets not forget...Easter Weekend!

Monday, April 25, 2011

After leaving after at 5am, we headed to California! I was so excited because Cameron had never been to Vegas, so we got to stop there for lunch! Of course we had to go to Cesears Palace to do some shopping!
I am glad Marc Jacobs got it right! 

A sky inside!
After some fun shopping, we got to eat at the cheese cake factory! yum!

A yummy pizza with a shadow on it! All of us got pizza and salads! It was a good choice!
Thats alot of crunchies! and yes...Jake ate them all!
Taking a little walk outside in the amazing sunshine! Oh I love the sun!!!!!! After some fun four hours in Vegas we headed off to California! The amazing thing is...we got there so fast! We were there by 7! It was amazing! We need to leave really early for every trip! I was so nice to have the night there! After getting settled in, we went to go get some yummy dinner at Pollo Loco. They have sweet potato fries there and they were really great!
After dinner, we walked over to yummy Yogurt Land. With so many choices, everyone was having a hard time deciding what to get! 
My favorite thing about Yogurt Land is the SPOONS!
After dinner, everyone was pooped and went home to bed. On the other hand, I was ready to party!!! So Jake was a trooper and stayed awake and came to play with me at Amber and Johns! I am so glad we got to because I missed that one on one time with my sister. Bryce was so excited to see Jake and play Pokemon together. I am so glad they are such great friends and love to spend time with each other. Bryce's hair was so long! I was loving it!
Cutest boys! After a great time at church we got to head over to Amber and Johns for an Easter Feast! They were so sweet to have us over! I was looking forward to Johns AMAZING bbq skills!
Lets talk about Ambers fantastic presentation(always). She is the cutest! This was the yummiest mix of fresh homemade breads and spreads!
Cute Treats! Her chocolate dipped marshmallows are so yummy! Even if you didn't like marshmallows, you would like these ones! 
A huge variety of drinks!
Tuna was hiding. I was cracking up because Jake took this picture and I didn't see it until, I downloaded all the trip pictures.
Cute Brandon. 
Jakes family loves there Ipads. Hahaha Just kidding, Cameron is emailing Wesley!
I thought these fruit drinks were great!
My cute new mom and dad!
Amber!!!! She is such an amazing sister! and yes...I wear this same outfit everyday.
Of course the boys got right down to business to play nietendo right away!
Lets talk about this amazing spread! Grilled asparagus, funeral potatoes, amazingly roasted/grilled try tip, fresh pasta, yummy strawberries, breads, treats and faboulsness!
I loved Brandon's choice of meal. All meat! Such a cute boy!
Ok lets talk about another reason why Amber is so amazing! Not only did her and John invite just our fam over, she invited some other really fun families in the ward over! It was so fun! And, Amber got over 300 eggs together full of treats and fun to have a huge easter egg hunt! She even had buckets for everyone! We all got to participate! This was a no age limit, and everyone got to play!
The hunt is on!

Tuna found a snail. He wanted to eat it. We told him snails are not candy.
Full bucket!
And another full bucket! Each kids basket was over following with candy!
After a great hunt, it was topped off with delicious ice cream cake! Yumm!
This was the candy from my eggs! Yumm! 
Oh yes, and more nitendo after the hunt! Cute boys! I got to to do a puzzle with Amber and some of her friends.
After we got home, it was time to sit and relax around the fire and have a treat!
 SMEESES! That is a smore, but instead of a Hersey chocolate bar, you use a Reeses. 
We were so fortunate to have a new guest with us in our home! This is Andrew to the right. Bryce was so kind and let us adopt Andrew from him. We have been so excited to have Andrew with us! We are going to bring him to Disneyland tomorrow! Hopefully he will not be to overwhelmed with all the new changes in his life.  Seeing Andrew next to Tuna, we realized.....it might be time for Tuna to shower. But well see.....I just love Tuna the way he is.
I love burnt black marshmallows! I think they add an extra great flavor to a smeese! This was a great way to end the evening! Now time for bed to get some good rest for tomorrows exciting events!

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