Tunas Big Cleaning

Monday, June 20, 2011

Well, as the obvious, Tuna is looking a little bit haggard these days. The thing is, I love him that way. But for sanitary purposes, I guess it was time for him to get a washing. Here are some before and after pictures.

Here is Tuna inside a pillow case ready to be washed. A great way to wash a beanie baby is put them in a pillow case with a friend (so they are not lonely) and tie a know in the pillow case. Then put lots of towels in the washer and the pillow case with animal friends in it. Then put the washer on cold and go for it. It is kinda scary, but the results are great!
Here is Tuna after he came out of the washer.
Here is Tuna and his puppy dog that got washed together.
Then we combed out Tunas maine. It was a nice touch.
Then we lint brushed him to try and get everything off him. Taaa dah.. here is the finished product!

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