Days of 47 RODEO!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday was an awesome night! All day I was looking forward to Monday night all day, excited for the rodeo! I woke up, had an eyelash client and read my book till Jake got home from work!
Tuna was so excited for the rodeo to! Jake had a great idea and asked Woody if Tuna could borrow his hat. Then we drove up to Jakes parents house to meet up with them!
We got there in good timing! Got a great parking spot and got in our seats just in time for the show to begin! Let me tell you, an indoor rodeo smells so fresh and clean, and is refreshing with air conditioning. It was so nice! And guess who we saw? President Monson was there!  He was with his daughter for Family Home Evening! I thought it was so cute to see him there! It also made me feel I need to do better about making fhe a priority. If a prophet has time for fhe, I defiantly do to! I also saw my friend Ashley K. She looked so cute in a hot pink outfit and rhinestone belt ready for the rodeo!
                                                   This is how the show started off! Cool!
The rodeo was awesome! and the riders were all so good! We got to see men jump off horses and catch running cows, people ride bucking horses and bulls, catch a wild bull and milk it.
                            Man in front holding the bull still, and man behind the bull milking it.
This was the saddest event. Man catch cow, tie his legs up, and horse pulls cow. It seemed to not hurt the cows at all. They popped up like nothing happened at all after the event. They were troopers. The little baby cows were sooo cute!
Jake, Kelsey, Mom and Dad. It has been so fun having Jakes parents now live here because they are always up to doing something fun!
                                  Barrel racing!
 I got the rest of these pictures off Desert News. My camera couldn't take the best pictures because all the animals and humans moved to fast! Here is cute President Monson in the back of this next picture.
We all had a great time at the rodeo! Its going on till Thursday, so if you live by Salt Lake, I would totally recommend it! This was an awesome, good, clean fun rodeo experience!
The rodeo ended with some dirt bikers doing some intense flips on some ramps! I thought it was pretty crazy! But, I think riding a bull is even more crazy because its something you cant predict! The riders were awesome! I want to go to another rodeo! What a great Monday!

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  1. Oh Kewsheee! President Monson was at the rodeo???!! Wow- I want to live in utah!! Awesome! Love tuna's rodeo hat... clever Jake :) Love the new coin pouches. I love that you and aimee could reunite over hot dogs. I'm glad your turtles are still alive and growing and behaving themselves thanks to your follow through discipline techniques. Love that picture of Malls and little lindy- so sweet :) She really is a good big sister! Thanks for the update kels!