Progressive Dinner

Friday, July 22, 2011

Today was the funnest day ever! I got to do so many awesome things with my family!
We got to start off the morning by doing a Temple Session at the Salt Lake Temple! That temple is gorgeous! So fun!
Cami and I enjoying our time together!
Then we went to go check out the Conference Center because Cami has not been to Utah for 10 plus years and wanted to see it! Sadly it was closed because of the Pioneer Day performance that was going to be that night by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Sorry Cam.
I thought my mom looked so cute in her bright dress and bright sunglasses.
Guess what we did for lunch? Lion House again! It was just as good! Actually, I thought it was even better today! I got salmon, chocolate pie and this time tried a wheat roll. I thought the wheat roll was better tab  the white!

Beautiful flowers all around Salt Lake!
Our next item to do was to go to Park City and ride the alpine sled. Sadly the gps took us to China and ended up at Tai Pan. That was ok though! We all got some awesome Halloween Decorations and  I got another cute display rack! Wahoo!
I have never been so excited to have someone come to my place then my family! We got to come see Jake and I's home and pick up Jake to go out for dinner! Some how we ended up having the funnest dinner of all time. My mom had the best idea to taste all the best places of Provo :)
Here we are starting our "Progressive Dinner" at JDawgs! Yes, one of my all time favorite places!
They were awesome and cut our hot dogs into three pieces each so we all got a yummy taste!
                                                Next we headed to Stans to get some scones!
                                                 Two of the biggest scone fans in America!
Next we headed to the BYU Creamery!
                                                      Waiting for our spicy fries to arrive!

Out of all our items we all ate just a few bites! It was perfect! I love sampling lots of good food!
Then we drove by the Provo Temple to remember cute Jana (Aunt Robins Daughter) who recently left on her mission to Germany! Go Jana!
For our main course, Cafe Rio pork burrito!
                                And for of our favorite places, The Chocolate!

We had to double the dessert, because that is always the best part of the meal! Then we headed back to Nanas because my Aunt Laurie and cousin Mandy and her husband David were supposed to be arriving!
When we got there we also had a package we grabbed at home! New clothes I ordered for Jake! wahoo!
This is why I love staying at Nana's guest house! The basement has five beds and the upstairs has beds so you can have the funnest slumber parties! It is the best ever being able to have everyone stay under one roof!
Aunt Laurie has arrived!
She brought grapes from her garden! They were so cute! Tuna size!
Mandy and David arrived! David and Tuna really bonded this trip!
Then we played Five Crowns till two am! This is the funnest card game ever! What a great way to end the night. For some reason we all got some seriously high points this game! David won this one!

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