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Saturday, July 23, 2011

I have really been looking forward to this family reunion! It was up at my Uncle Bicks Cabin and I thought I had never been there before, until we pulled up and saw a swing set, and I remember seeing videos of when I was three years old swinging on the same swing set!
There Cabin is in a beautiful forest with so many fun things to see and do! Robbins Family Reunion here we come!
Mandy and I were finding items that brought some good memories!
My family had a family picture that we sent out for Christmas one year on this same swinging bench!
The coolest out house in the whole world! It has plumbing and cool pictures in it!
And the shape of the out house is just as good!
                                                         Jake getting some yard work done.
                                                              Tuna and Jake off exploring.
We found the lake! It was a perfect day out for a reunion! Amazing weather!
Jake thought he saw a dock, and realized it was a FLOATING dock! Even better! Jake, Tuna and Mandy jumped on to go on an adventure!

       For dinner, they had it catered which was an awesome idea, with so many people being there!
                                My burger was delicious! And so were my following two hot dogs!
Alisha, Mandy, David, Mom, Uncle Bick, Skylee, Uncle John, Aunt Robin, Myself, Jake
My cute cousin Lindsey! She is trying out to play the harp on a cruise ship for 6 months. She is so awesome!
Look!!!!! Two Moose! What a treat! I have always wanted to see one! I can cross this off my bucket list now!
Me and the mooses. We became good friends. Yet, not as good as I hoped.
Cami and Lacey!
Bick Junior, Lisa, Libby, Lacey, Rob, Uncle Bick, Aunt Donna! Such a good looking family!
Stacey, Aunt Lorraine, Uncle John, Jason, Mom
                                        Everyone hanging out chatting in the beautiful scenery.
A wild cow we tamed to take us on a ride.
Leaving the cute cabin! What a great day this was! I really loved seeing cousins I have not been able to see in some time, catch up and see how everyones life is going! I feel like I have the best family ever!
Isn't this the cutest sign ever? I was loving it!
Some pretty flowers we saw on our way out.

Tuna and a windmill his size.
After a great journey we headed back to Salt Lake to eat some dinner. We went to one of our favorite places called "The Corner Bakery." Always delicious!
And of course, had to get some cheesecake next door at the Cheesecake Factory. I got Reeses because its not really cheesecake. Its a bunch of goodness! It was a great dinner! Then we headed back to Nana's.
To top off the night we played Ticket To Ride! The funnest game of all time! It really is a blast!
Then we played Five Crowns. A traditional family game we have been playing for years :) I love ending the night at 3am with some good game playing!

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